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smallIt looks like a micro bag. But it is actually a technologically advanced device that can be adjusted according to the outfit. Can you guess what this is? Discover it with us!

We’ve seen it on the hands of celebrities and influencers, from Valentina Ferragni to Veronica Ferraro and Giulia Salemi. One of the most distinctive accessories front row of Milan Fashion Week fashion shows. It looks like a micro bag but – spoiler – it’s not. What is certain is that it immediately attracts attention. What is it? Drum and floating winds: it is Honor V Pursenew foldable and brilliant smartphone they have already become the object of it-girls’ lust.

ONE original device, but also glam, which matches the most varied outfits thanks to the personalized shoulder strap. And which is preparing to replace it-bags, both in appearance and in our hearts.
Let’s imagine what you are wondering right now: how is this possible? We’ll show you right away. But in the meantime, get ready to say goodbye to the panicked moments you spent frantically and heart-poundingly searching for your house keys in that black hole that is your stock market!

Honor V Purse
Honor V Purse

The smartphone bag that girls love

Fashion meets technology in the name of design, but also style and practicality. So yes: this Honor V Purse smartphone bag is the latest innovation from the Chinese brand and aims to become the ultimate fashion statement phy-gital. Another spoiler: it has what it takes to achieve the goal, also because – with its flashes – it perfectly aligns with the latest trends of the moment.

Trends that, among other things, translate into a ever stronger link between the fashion universe and the technological world: let’s think palette covers, smartwatch straps made of fine fabrics, headphones to match the bag. Hence, Honor is taking a step forward in this direction and the idea could only be received with enthusiasm by it-girls.

The Honor V Purse is an eye-catching accessory that’s cool at just the right spot. And it’s a smartphone, of course. aka the absolute must-have that now contains all the necessary arsenal for our days. Yes, because now from credit cards to shopping cards, from car and house keys to your favorite playlist, everything is contained in this little piece of technology. So why not make it the worthy heir to the bag itself?

Honor V Purse
Valentina Ferragni with her evening Honor V Purse

Endless styling opportunities

But how will this smartphone ever be so chameleon that it changes according to our appearance, completing its style? The explanation is simple: thanks to technology. The Honor V Purse is actually equipped with a lot customizable always-on displays (AOD); that reproduce the design of a bag, including elements such as chains, accessories and tassels. Not only that, hold on tight: these elements react and move in harmony with the movement of the smartphone.

Here, then, the good old cell phone evolves and becomes – not only an instrument capable of containing practically anything we need – but also a personalized accessory able to reflect the most diverse styles and latest trends. It’ll be like finally having Sarah Jessica Parker’s line of bags all in one little device. What more could you ask for?

Side note, but very important. We point it out the straps are sustainable, i.e. from vegan leather. The chains are interchangeable and attach to the hinge of the device, allowing you to carry it on the shoulder or arm.

Honor V Purse
Veronica Ferraro with Honor V Purse worn as a handbag

A technologically advanced device

And now some necessary “technical” notes. Honor V Purse features 6.45 inch OLED display which unfolds to 7.7 inches. To this was added a Snapdragon 778G chip with 12 or 16 GB of RAM and up to 512 GB of internal memory, a 4500 mAh battery with 35 watt fast charging and dual camera 50 megapixel with 12 megapixel ultra wide angle.

The weight of the device is reduced to a minimum, especially if you consider that it is foldable: only 214 grams. When closed, it is 8.6 mm thick. In practice, with the Honor V Purse we also say goodbye to the effort of carrying bags that are always too bulky and heavy. We really couldn’t have asked for anything better!

Honor V Purse
Honor V Purse

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