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THEOn October 10 and 11, an avalanche of deals arrives for Amazon Prime customers. We couldn’t help but offer you a selection of clothing and accessories to grab quickly!

Shopping lovers, report! The euphoria about it has begun Amazon Prime Deals Party 2023, a fall event that translates into lots of sales on products of all kinds. And, of course, also up a rich collection of clothing and accessories.

An innovation intended for Amazon Prime customers, which foreshadows Black Friday. The “marathon” starts at midnight Tuesday, October 10 and will last until 11:59 p.m Wednesday, October 11. Forty-eight hours to take advantage of to enrich your wardrobe at a decidedly low cost, that’s certainly welcome news. And since we’re talking hundreds of deals, here’s a wish list that can help you choose. Products according to current fashion trends, of course!

Cropped jeans

THE cropped jeans, which leave the ankles uncovered, continue to be trendy. They are comfortable, casual and allow you to enhance your shoes. Among the many proposals available for the Prime Offers Festival 2023, we chose this one: a signed model Pepe Jeans, characterized by a straight leg and regular fit. But also made with recycled materials, therefore sustainable.


And then there’s the hoodie – i.e. hooded – granite must have for all zooms, no exceptions. But not only for them: he is an intergenerational leader. In this case, we want to focus on practicality and quality. here is a suggestion Tommy Hilfiger, plain – but enhanced with the logo lettering along the edge – and equipped with a zip. To also be used as a jacket, therefore. Ideal for the necessary layering of the middle seasons.

Vitamin sneakers

Six of us, we’re sure: we’d like dozens of pairs of sneakers. And since (we are also sure of this) the most classic models are certainly already present on the shoe rack, why not take advantage of the Amazon offers October 10th and 11th treat yourself to… an explosion of colour? Vitamin yellow, for example. These are between them Vans sneakers more requests online (and not only), the discount is an irresistible attraction!


The trench coat is an iconic piece of clothing that goes through time without ever fading. Indeed, for some years now it has gained further appeal, because it lends itself very well to the most varied stylistic contagions: just think of the combinations with hoodies and sneakers, in fact. Here you are a classic and minimalist version. Impeccable. Impossible not to fall in love with it!

Sequined top

The tinsel they are all the rage, they brighten up the most varied outfits and are now even worn during the day. On any occasion, whenever you want. So see what we found among the discount products of the Prime Offers Festival 2023: a crossover neck top which leaves the shoulders bare, delicate but at the same time impressive. Other shades are also available, but this pink-nude version makes infinite combinations possible.

Chunky loafers

Let’s move on to the accessories. If you still don’t have it chunky loafers, this is the perfect time to bridge the gap! A suggestion from Geox, so the quality is undeniable. They are indestructible. It is characterized by a classic design, but revised according to modern imperatives, and just that lug sole is the most obvious proof of this. They are made of leather, extremely comfortable and breathable.

Chain bag

Coming back into fashion a few years ago, the chain bag it’s well on its way to must-have status. A sparkling touch to both day and evening wear. And look what we found: a black chain bag I love Moschino, further decorated with small heart-shaped studs. Cool!

Pink watch

you were looking a clock glam yet essential, trendy yet evergreen? Here he is, his name is Pyper and he is signed Michael Kors. The leather strap is a decidedly elegant dusty pink and recalls the metal of the dial and hands. No frills, but big impact.

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