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Un trend that takes us back centuries, between romance and extravagance. The inspiration comes not only from historical novels, but also from the Victorian era. But be careful: this is not an imitation or a “mask”, the question is much more intriguing!

There historical romantic tendency go ahead and find media autumn winter 2023 collections 2024 perfect expressions. The atmospheres of historical novels they live again in street style, after the recommendation from the catwalks. Some call this trend “the antidote to quiet luxury,” because it’s actually on the opposite front. While quiet luxury has its banners in high-quality materials and exquisite attention to detail, but also in essential and minimalist designs, the historical romance is almost scenographic. As well as poetic.

Historical romance
Lace style dress + sandals

What is the historical aesthetics of romanticism

Inspiration lies not only in historical novels – just to give some examples: War and peace, The three Musketeers, The Leopard – but also in the Victorian era. More generally, we consider the now very remote eras characterized by luxurious and romantic clothes.

In the 1980s this aesthetic was strong, then faded. But not definitively: in fact here he rises again. By meritocracy first of all of designers who love to dare. As Simon Rocha, Molly Goddard, Bora Aksu. But it has to be said that, after an initial moment of hesitation, several other creatives have embraced the cause. Introducing some in their collections Pieces tune into that wavelength.

Historical romance
Ruffled denim dress + bow fur boots

Historical fiction look: the must haves

Chiffon, tulle, ruffles, frills, lace and lace: these are its main ingredients historical romance outfit. And then puffed sleeves, lavallière shirts, bustiers, bell-shaped skirts. Capes and capes, lace-up boots and cuissardes. Skirts with tassels and damask fabrics.

Does Gothic style come to mind? Yes, there is something in common. But there is also a big difference: historical romance is not dominated by black, many other nuances come into play. Also very bright. The dark spirit is missing. And it is very important, in general, do not misunderstand: it is not about imitating them I put centuries ago, nor is there any intention of “disguise”. I am reinterpretations according to the modern feeling: for example, we also play with transparencies, with rhinestones and pearls, with graphic prints, with irregular lines and urban elements.

Historical romance
Chiffon shirt with puffed sleeves + vest + wide jeans

And above all, it’s not about creating head-to-toe themed looks, it’s about focus on contamination. Mixing these nostalgic pieces with other cutting edge pieces. For example, combining a soft dress with frills and frills with a leather jacket or a blouse with frills and wide jeans. You have to know how to do itbut there is so much to enjoy and experience!

Historical romance
Skirt with frills + cuissardes with laces


Viscose shirt with lace inserts (ELISABETTA FRANCHI)


Bell skirt with flounce (TOMMY HILFIGER)


Patchwork dress with puffed sleeves (SIMONE ROCHA)


Corset with lace and embroidery (ZARA)


High-waisted lace pants (DOLCE&GABBANA)


Reversible virgin wool cape (VALENTINO GARAVANI)


Long sleeve dress enriched with frills and frills at the bottom (TWINSET)


Corset leather belt (CHLOÉ)


Caban coat with maxi ruffles (PINKO)


Block heel lace-up boot (GUESS)


Stretch suede thigh high boots (CASADEI)



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