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largeThe jacket is the main garment of the mid-seasons, but what are the current trends? We have selected the best models to buy online!

The blazer dominates the transitional periods and is not afraid of opponents. A chameleon garment, it manages to go from an elegant glamor to a more casual impact thanks to couples. Because it goes with everything: high heels, sneakers, moccasins, jeans, skirts and so on, ad infinitum. So there you have it, after making our list of outerwear must-haves for this season, we’re reviewing it blazers for fall 2023 to buy online. Perfect jacket for back to work, to return to university and school. for free time and important appointments. Leaders easy to wear, to choose according to your tastes and body shape. Which immediately convince us thanks to their chic soul. A few clicks away from the perfect blazer for you!

The blue blazer

The navy blue single breasted blazer it is absolutely perfect for office looks. But also for a job interview, a meeting, in general a rather typical situation. At the same time, it lends itself admirably to stylistic contagions. Have you ever tried, for example, wearing it with sneakers, jeans and the simplest t-shirt?

The pink jacket

The Barbiecore continues to dominate fashion trends, traversing the seasons without losing an ounce of appeal. Ergo, the pink jacket is one of the blazers of fall 2023. Without self and without but. And it proves it too the increase in online sales. What do you think of this “slipped” model, with soft and comfortable lines?

The white blazer

How is white blazer? It definitely has something to do with it: is among the trends of autumn winter 2023 2024. And just take a look at the looks of the celebs and influencers to confirm it. Therefore, it deserves a place in our roundup. One-sided with a button, it surprises us with its versatility and goes far beyond the threshold of the office: for example, combined with a maxi dress it is a great idea for an aperitif or a lunch outside. In the double-breasted version, however, it reaches the height of elegance.

Black and thin

Black, slim fit. Slightly waisted and long to the hips: here, this is one kind of blazer that will never fade and is not afraid of current trends. It proves to be suitable in the most diverse contexts, the only recommendation is to create combinations that preserve the homogeneity of the tumors. A blazer like this, for example, with oversized trousers is not the best. Instead.


The Ftartan and check antasie they are a cornerstone of fashion, have been around practically forever and conquer all generations. Thanks to their vitality without exaggeration, the wonderful color combinations and the twist of originality they give to every outfit. The tartan blazer, in particular, is really enjoying a new golden age. A purchase that is impossible to regret!

Blazer with belt

The belted blazer it’s chic, we defy anyone to argue otherwise. And the fact that it is not too “bloated” increases its category. The cut of the jacket is general fitted but soft, and the belt itself highlights the design, as well as adding a touch of glam. The right combinations? Classic trousers and pencil skirts, of course. But the green light is also given to sportswear, in the name of mix&match that we love so much.

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