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largeThe latest fashion news reveals a bold collection designed by Barbie Ferreira, an overwhelming capsule of skiwear to say the least and introducing us to an amazing designer who is only 7 years old. But not only!

Now necessary, our appointment with the fashion of the week. Let’s start with Barbie Ferreira: fans rejoice, because together with Levi’s he has created a dark and ironic collection, we would dare say magnetic. On the contrary, it is explosive ski clothing designed by Pucci and Fusalp: triumph of csmell and heat, and here the play on words is there. And then there is Max, the 7-year-old stylist who has already dressed Sharon Stone and is convinced she is Gucci. or at least his reincarnation. Then there are the new Birkenstock sandals, very warm and… hairy. Me too Wolford Leggingsthat amaze with the special effects!

Pucci x Fusalp: skiwear is explosive

Explosive: this is the first adjective that comes to mind to describe it Pucci x Fusalphis new collection ski clothes was born from the creative communication of the two brands. Pucci’s iconic and colorful prints become a stylistic feature technical and thermal clothingmainly ski suits and waterproof jackets.

Practical, comfortable and undoubtedly super cute clothes. The palette is played above all in shades reminiscent of the high mountains, starting with the brightest shades of green and blue. but also in fuchsia and purple, which refer to evocative sunrises and sunsets. The collection also includes slim-fit trousers in soft shell, windproof fleece, gli fur bootsshirts and thermal underwear.


Clarisse ski suit with Iris print (PUCCI X FUSALP)


Freezy boots with fur (PUCCI X FUSALP)


Barsy jacket with Iride print (PUCCI X FUSALP)


Chevron Stripe Zip Up Crew Neck Sweater (PUCCI X FUSALP)


Ski pants with Marble and Iris prints (PUCCI



Levi’s x Barbie Ferreira, the capsule inspired by the 90s

Among the latest fashion news, also one for girls who adore Barbie Ferreira. And there are many everywhere. From November 17th Levi’s x Barbie Ferreira Capsule Collectioncreated by the famous brand in collaboration with the American model and actor.

There are eight articles inspired by 90s fashion and in Barbie’s own style, the leitmotif is a logo depicting a rabbit, while other particularities are the laces and all-over prints. The line includes a bold corset top, a relaxed fit 501 denim, a second leather mesh and the Oversize Bunny T-shirt. The mood is dark. With irony.

Stüssy and Birkenstock present Kyoto, the shearling-lined sandal

New collaboration between Stüssya Californian brand specializing in streetwear, e.g Birkenstocks, a German brand whose shoes are now iconic. The fruit of the collaboration is a reworking of the famous and classic Kyoto sandal: it bears the name Solana and is characterized by a slippery silhouettewith the unmistakable molded cork sole and a large upper inside shearling lined suede. The closure is a hook and loop fastener so it can be adjusted according to individual needs and guarantees an extremely comfortable fit.

Solana is available in 3 colors: ivory, caramel and green. In all cases, the Stüssy logo is printed on the side. A shoe designed not only for winter, but for all year round.

Courtesy of the press office

Ivory Solana sandal (STÜSSY & BIRKENSTOCK)

Courtesy of the press office

Solana green sandal (STÜSSY & BIRKENSTOCK)

Courtesy of the press office

Caramel Solana sandal (STÜSSY & BIRKENSTOCK)



The WOW Leggings: Wolford is revolutionizing the legwear experience

It is said The WOW leggingsComes from Wolford and is a new collection that aims to transform the legwear experience, setting a new standard. The leggings The Wonderful, The Wellness and The Wool-Ford were designed to meet the specific needs of the user, starting with the knitting technology.

The Wonderful model is manufactured in circular mesh and features a back seam that gives a 3D push-up effect; the strong compression also stimulates blood circulation, resulting in a high degree of comfort. The Wellness leggings are also circular knit, but have both back and front seams, thus raising the modeling result to a higher level. Cellulite fades thanks to the stimulation of collagen, produced through the patented Emana technology. Finally, The Wool-Ford leggings are made from Mercury wool and are suitable for any season, indeed: cool in summer and warm in winter. They promote sweating, keeping the skin hydrated but dry. The collection is a limited edition online exclusive.

The WOW Wolford Leggings
The WOW leggings Wolford

Max, the 7-year-old stylist who dresses (and) Sharon Stone

He’s Max Alexander, he’s 7 years old and he’s an American designer: If you think this is the most surprising fashion news this week, wait until you hear the rest of the story. Max has been sewing clothes since he was 4 years old and has already brought his creations to Denver Fashion Week, mesmerizing the audience. But beware: she was the first to wear one of her dresses nothing less That Sharon Stone.

Max firmly believes it is there reincarnation of Gucci, has his own studio, uses the sewing machine expertly, gives interviews as if he were a seasoned star. An incredible talent, a bright future. Who will be the next celebrity to become your spokesperson? Bets are accepted.

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