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Heyfrom the 50s model to the plunging neckline dress to the barbie style, here are the inspirations you’ve been looking for!

The cocktail dresses they have a long history behind them, did you know? The origins date back to the 1920s and 1930s. The input was the need to find the right dress for parties where people danced. which was therefore appropriate for the situation and allowed you to move freely. Stylish but not too much, long just below or just above the knee. Up to the ankles. With a not particularly elaborate and demanding design. Those days are now long gone, but this type of dress remains and will remain on the scene forever. With a different color, of course. If you received the invitation for a semi-formal eventjust find a cocktail dress online that suits you well and its dilemma what-do-I-wear solved!

Yes, it is also good for friends and relatives wedding if the atmosphere is… Comfortably. THE parties, anniversaries, anniversaries. Various and possible holidays, let’s put it that way. As a time period, etiquette suggests between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., no later than 9:00 p.m. But we can take some liberties in this sense. Let’s get to the point: here is a selection ready for you!

Halter neckline

The American neckline it’s always cool, it manages to not be too demanding. So, it’s perfect for a cocktail dress. This one in particular also features a light colored background and floral print. The skirt has an asymmetrical cut: it is shorter in front.

The polka dot dress

No, polka dots will never go away. Especially if it is small in size and played in black and white. As in the case of this dress. Which has one retro design, brings to mind pin ups and reminds of rockabilly style. Beautiful and also ironic at the right point!

In lace

Even the charm of lace knows no sunsets, it is undeniable. Among the cocktail dresses online, we found this one: highly sought after, sophisticated and romantic. The element that makes the difference is the nude color, completely in line with current trends. It’s hard to find fault with a dress like this!

Sheath dress

When it comes to cocktail dress codeCertainly the sheath dress it’s a great classic. But it is also true that the possible interpretations are infinite. Without losing the simplicity, which is the special feature of this garment, here is a model that is very popular: è dressed up it corresponds to both the bodice and the skirt, but the draperies follow different directions giving a motion idea (and conceal any alleged defects). The skirt has a slightly asymmetrical cut.


Another online cocktail dress, another sheath dress. This time inside perfect fifties style and in elastic fabric. White background, subtle contrast floral patterns. The waist is accentuated with a drawstring, the neckline is geometric. The skirt tends to get tighter as it goes down, wrapping diagonally around the body. Length just below the knee. When you say glamorous dress… and irresistible!

Barbie style

Has Barbie Mania Infected You Too? Then here is a proposal that will steal your heart: a super chic dress powder pink, with thin straps and a draped bodice. The skirt is puffy and reaches almost mid-calf. A model also suitable for mid-seasons, because it is not too light.

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