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Un aesthetics corresponding to a way of being. A minimalist yet sophisticated style, which leaves nothing to chance. Are you a clean girl too?

The hashtag #clean girl has surpassed four billion views on TikTok. Appearing in the summer of 2022, this aesthetic has not only not faded, but has gained further appeal. And if at first it was mainly about make up and nail art, now the focus shifted to clothing. There girl with soap and water never been so fashionable. And you can bet it will be even more successful in the coming seasons. But how does the clean girl dress?

Pure girl
Trend Clean Girl

Who is the pure girl?

Before we discover her clothes, let’s focus onstand. The definition “Girl with soap and water” It certainly doesn’t sound new, but who is it really about? Who is? A girl with a simple lifestyleFirst of all. Who knows how to take care of himself in 360 degrees, of his appearance as well as his health and spirit. In many cases it is methodical, precise. Common too. Of everyday routine it reflects his own principles: for example, in the morning he dedicates himself to cleaning his face, meditating and having a healthy breakfast.

But the clean girl is not boring at all, quite the opposite! He knows what he wants, nurture his ambitions. Developed great confidence, and that’s one of the reasons why it doesn’t need to be shown off. In many cases it achieves excellent professional goals. But on the other hand, he cares a lot about his family and friends. Just like he cares about his image. Attention to every detail. It might not seem like it at first glance, but the pure girl is tough. It’s hard not to get carried away.

Pure girl
Trend Clean Girl

His clothes

The clean girl style is a result of a perfect meeting between elegant and casual. Minimalist yet sophisticated. Convenient ed effortless, i.e. casual. He absolutely welcomes it Coco Chanel’s famous thought: “Before you go out, look in the mirror and take something off.” Less is more.

The essential items? The blazer (structured but also oversized if you like), the white t-shirt and tank top, the black t-shirtI turtleneck sweater. But also classic shirts, tailored trousers, pencil skirts and trench coats. Wear often even jeans, but with a gentle application. He does not like fantasies, he much prefers them solid colors. And speaking of colors, these neutral and natural it is indisputable must. Along with black, of course. Every now and then he allows himself some exceptions, but only through accessories.

We could talk about an elegant evolution of the normcore style, Sure. But beware why the soap and water girl also knows how to surprise. Dare a little, let’s have fun. So combine the white sneakers with the blazer, the turtleneck with the joggers, the pleated skirt with the sweatshirt. Cycling shorts and maxi shirt. In particular, he often experiments the fusion between preppy and athleisure styles.

At night, it takes very little to enchant everyone: one slip dress and a pair of pumps. Maybe even a steal.

Pure girl
Clean Girl look: slipdress + fitted coat

Who are girls’ pure muses? First of all Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber. So we need to better study their appearance. In the meantime, here’s a gallery that might inspire you!


Cady Midi Dress with Kimono Sleeve (MAX MARA)


Cashmere Knit Cardigan (MIU MIU)


Satin palazzo pants (MOTIVES)


Slingback with mesh details (ZARA)


Mini crepe dress (PATRIZIA PEPE)


Leather sneakers (BIRKENSTOCK)


Wide jeans (PENNY BLACK)


Crew Neck Sweatshirt (UNIQLO)


Satin dress (GUESS)


Patent Effect Pumps (GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI)



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