Chiara Ferragni in total white and total black

doHiara Ferragni in total black and total white enchants through an ode of sensuality and glamor to the nth degree

The effortless charm parisienne and sophisticated Milanese glamor are interpreted again by the queen of influencers! We’re obviously talking about our own Chiara Ferragni who, for a night in the French capital and a morning in her hometown of Milan, chooses two day&night looks to copy.

The visual yin&yang it is flawless. Chiara focuses everything on the achromatic colors par excellence: black and white, in a very refined total white and total black.

Total white jaunty for the day

Let’s start with the look displayed on a sunny morning in the streets of the center of the capital of Lombardy, a look at which everyday chic details to make a difference. What does the outfit consist of? Let’s learn together! The key piece is undoubtedly the very stylish vest top in a high-performance visual white. There open back makes it extremely sensual and its application maxi flower, also white, on the left side of the vest, gives a cute and original touch.

Total white is also there short skirt, this time in a subtler and softer shade of white that leans towards cream. And what about the accessories? Slingback sandals with a high heel and a square toe that play with the color contrasts of the other main accessory of the entire outfit: the lady dior cannage total black with the iconic gold applications.

Sexy and impressive total black for the evening

Let’s say goodbye to the morning and venture into that day Paris for an evening of absolute class. Chiara enchants the French capital ACT no. 1 presenting a triumph of total black and transparencies that bind the Bossy chic style in pure seduction.

Black bra and high-waisted formal trousersin the same color, they are the protagonists of the outfit that are sublimated both by the bright touches of the bold maxi hoop earrings and by the choker necklace that fully embraces the style nineties has come back into fashion in the last year. The result? Sexy and strict, perfect to enjoy a night in the city of light!

And which outfit did you prefer? Difficult choice, because this time again the style suggestions of our beloved Chiara are relevant!

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