Breast Cancer: LILT’s 2023 Pink Ribbon Campaign

Mhey Mayonchi and daughter Camila are the testimonies of the campaign Join the race from LILT – Italian League Against Tumors: an invitation to always increase our vigilance and especially when there is familiarity or heredity. Because in these cases prevention starts earlier

On the occasion of breast cancer awareness month, in October, Mr Pink Ribbon Campaign by LILT Milano Monza Brianza sensitizes women to pass on the good habit of prevention from mother to daughter. Starts September 29 there will be many opportunities for free breast exams and tomosynthesis mammograms on the LILT Mobile Space and at the Association’s clinics. In total, approximately 3,200 services will be offered. In addition, in October LILT also presented the SenoRisknew special program against hereditary and family risk for women under 40 years of age.

“There is an age group that is excluded from mammography screening, which has caught our attention: young women – he explained Marco Alloisio, president of LILT Milano Monza Brianza -. In the last 3 decades, the incidence of cancer in people over the age of 50 has almost doubled, and breast cancer is in first place. 8% of women affected by the disease are under 40 years old. With a new program tailored for those most at risk, LILT completes personalized and predictive prevention programs. We have the best professionalism, innovative tools and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment for young women.”

Dedicated not only to young women but also to men who are at greater risk of developing breast cancer due to family history or heredity, SenoRisk is a pathway that begins with an oncology consultation. The breast specialist traces the patient’s family history, delve into their lifestyle and assigns a diagnostic plan by choosing the most appropriate tools among examinations and tests. From the result, the specialist can assess the specific risk and plan an individualized course of prevention, using a multidisciplinary team in which the breast radiologist has a fundamental role.

The ‘Join The Fight’ campaign.

Launched on Tuesday 26 September at Sala Alessi in Palazzo Marino, Milan, the LILT campaign features Mara Maionchi and his daughter Camila.

“When I got the diagnosis I was scared and went into a crisis – he said Mara Maionchi – then I entered the perspective of surgery and treatments. I have always done a preventative check every year and never had the idea of ​​having this unwanted visitor, I would never have noticed without a check. LILT offers everyone the opportunity to get an early diagnosis and therefore beat cancer, just like it happened to me. Before me there were no cases in the family. Now my daughters know about it and do all the necessary checks. Please do prevention. Let’s all together say enough to breast cancer!”

Chora Media’s “The Three Wishes” podcast

It was also presented at the opening “The Three Wishes”, the series of 12 LILT podcasts created in partnership with Chora Media and dedicated to the wishes of people, famous and not, who have gone through a journey of cancer treatment. Mara Maionchi is the protagonist of the first episode. Also the narrator of the series, journalist Daniela Ducolishe has lived the experience of breast cancer.

The series will not only deal with testimonies of women diagnosed with breast cancer, but also give a voice to people with other cancer diagnoses, during further LILT campaigns aimed at raising awareness about the culture of prevention.

The podcast will be available with the first episode from October 3rd on major free audio platforms (Spotify, Apple Podcast, Spreaker, Google Podcast).

The LILT Award for Women

During the launch event of the campaign, LILT awarded the LILT for Women Award to the journalist Concita De Gregorio “for its ability to preserve and bestow beauty, admiration and smiles. Because cancer is not the whole of life.”

“Receiving the award is an honor and a great responsibility – underlined the journalist and writer Concita De Gregorio. – I am with you, in spirit, heart and intentions, on the path of awareness and dignity in illness where everyone can show a possible path. During these two years I tried to keep my relationship with the world and my work intact, because the disease does not exhaust my identity. I am something other than the disease.”

The Pink Ribbon Campaign Tour

Throughout the month of October, LILT is promoting opportunities for free visits and examinations. From September 29 to October 8 there will be one preventive tour of the squares of the territory of Milan and Monza. In the LILT Mobile Spaceclinic on wheels, women will be able to take advantage of free breast examination and tomosynthesis mammography. The opportunity is open to those who have not sat an exam in the last 12 months. It is not necessary to make a reservation. Visiting hours for each stage are from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.. Walk-ins are available while seats are available.

Nastro Rosa will have 10 stages of free visits: 29/9 in Milan (Palestro), 30/9 in Peschiera Borromeo, 1/10 in Trezzo d’Adda, 2/10 in Monza (Arengario), 3/10 in Camparada (MB), on 4/10 in Legnano , on 5/10 in Basiglio, on 6/10 in Milan (piazzale Santa Rita da Cascia), on 7 and 8 October in Lainate.

For the campaign against breast cancer they were also organized meetings dedicated to the topic of prevention – two have already taken place in Lissone and Camparada (MB) The next one – “A pink ribbon against breast cancer” – will take place on October 27, at 20.45, in Bovisio Masciago (MB).

From October 13 to 23there will then be the usual appointment with Shopping in Pink: Saturday, October 21 the boutiques of the Montenapoleone District association in Milan, participating in the initiative, will donate 10% of the day’s receipts to LILT, in support of the SenoRisk service. On the same day, all LILT Spaces will be open for the whole day for one Open Day with free visits to the chest. Telephone reservations are required at the clinics, until places become available. The opportunity is reserved for those who have never visited with LILT. Reservations from October 2.

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