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largethe crochet or lace version, the kimono and the kaftan but not only: discover all the most fashionable models of summer 2023 to buy online!

Never underestimate the importance of beach coverage. Because it’s one of the most strategic garments around and also the coolest. There we are, comfortable on the beach or by the pool and for some reason we have to get up. For some other reason, we don’t feel like staying in just our bathing suits. And voilĂ , with one move the issue is resolved. Thanks to the beach coverage, in fact. And if you haven’t made your choice yet, here’s a selection of Beach cover ups 2023 to buy online. It’s your turn!

Mesh swimsuit cover-up

Yes that’s it at the moment of transparency. From I see-I don’t see reduced in all possible ways. Mesh shirt included. Then the open beach cover-up we have chosen will not leave you indifferent: naughty and seductive, but with order. Among other things, it strengthens the same swimsuit.

Tonic with fringes

But among the most requested women’s beach cover-ups online is this one, which is striking in its simplicity: a plain tunic with short fringes running along the edges. A garment with an exotic print, which makes you think of distant (and warm!) countries.

Crochet beach cover-up

Another big trend of the moment is the crochet hookwhich found a further “boost” thanks to it I see-I don’t see which is all the rage. Crochet dresses, tops, shorts, skirts: crochet finds infinite expressions. Even in beach cover, in fact perhaps this is precisely the most brilliant interpretation. The model we show you has deep neckline its specificity. And it’s very popular!

… And in lace

For romantics who have not yet decided which beach cover to buy: the white lace he will win you over, we have no doubt. This model is made even more exciting by its retro imprint, namely the sleeve with ruffles. But the plunging neckline skillfully mixes the cards. Good looking!

Maxi shirt

This summer there is a new check for girls: use the shirt as a cover. You can simply choose a men’s shirt one or two sizes bigger, but several brands offer ad hoc suggestions. And overall it’s a smart middle ground between a classic shirt and a dress shirt. Just like the model you see in the photo: simple and… irresistible.


What to wear over the suit? Well, it’s an undeniably stylish choice the kimono. With its timeless oriental charm. Light, pleasant to the touch. Interesting. The most sought after online is this long model featuring a tropical pattern – lively but not too much – and wide sleeves. The fit is relaxed. It does not tend to wrinkle because it is made of rayon fabric.


At the end the timeless kaftan, in turn a garment that evokes exotic atmospheres. We aim for a minimalistic version: all white, with a V-neckline and crochet edges. Another peculiar detail is the asymmetrical cut.

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