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Un great classic that never stops conquering us, glam shoes that elevate us in the name of comfort. We have selected the most fashionable versions of the moment on the Internet!

The wedge shoes it’s a great classic. And like all great classics, they experience golden periods and others in which they seem to fade into the background. Well, wedges have regained all their appeal in 2022 and are also confirmed among the sandal trends for summer 2023. We love them. Because I’m perfect comfortable alternative to heelseven very high: we soar without sufferingwe can wear them for whole days without batting an eyelid, they have that “holiday” look that brings joy and at the same time that retro print that adds to their charm. How to match wedge shoes? Basically, we have no limits. Even if the best are light dresses and shorts, long and wide skirts like minis. It’s just a matter of deciding which model to focus on. So let’s get straight to the point: there you go the best wedge shoes online!

The classic version

Let’s start with the classic version: le shoes with a low or medium wedge. Always, among his typologies espadrilles most popular. We chose a model with closed toe and ankle strap, we were also intrigued by the color combination. That hint of blue also makes them more chic.

Open wedge toe

If you are looking instead elegant wedge shoes, see here: an open toe model with an open heel, high in the right place. Its detail buckle closure They are delicious. As for colors, white is always a happy ambassador of brightness. But it’s summer, you can go crazy with the brightest and most vibrant colors!

Wedge sandals

When looking for wedge shoes online, we inevitably looked for sandals. Discovering that suede versions with woven lists And ankle strap is one of the most requested. Definitely passepartout, they go well with everything. Especially if they are black.

Wedge flip flops

It’s trendy, it’s really trendy: it’s on the feet of all It-girls! Refer to summer wedge slippers, because a few extra centimeters don’t hurt at the beach either. As long as the level of comfort is not reduced. But know that these flip flops are ultra glam even with shoes day clothes!

The plans

Do you want to reach the highest peaks? Then focus on wedge and platform shoes. And let’s do great things, with them plans! Check out this slider version – that is, with a wide belt at the back – which also gives the outfit a hippie touch. A complete temptation.

Wedge shoes online: pumps

Not inflated and therefore more intriguing: the wedge neckline. Which in the most sober color versions also get the green light in the office and at the university. And they create interesting partnerships with palazzo pants and tailored trousers.

Wedge sneakers

Another new entry into shoe trends: the wedge sneakers. Strategic, original and – why not? – delicious. If you’re wondering how much height affects comfort, don’t worry. With such shoes we can easily spend kilometers.

Wedge shoes online: other inspirations

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