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docolourful, bold or substantial, rigid or pop: we’ve picked the 2023 bracelet trends for you, one cooler than the other!

Is a bracelet enough? It depends. For formal occasions, it is better. But for the rest, let’s face it: we want at least 4 or 5 on our wrist! Jewelry that brings together all genders and all age groups. And which also make perfect gift ideas. But what are the trendy bracelets for this end of 2023? For this, essentiality and simplicity undertake. We add that i steel bracelets are enjoying increasing success, for a variety of reasons.

Because the creative interpretations are almost endless, because it is cheap jewelry. Because I am bracelets that don’t tarnish, another issue that should not be underestimated; especially for those who practically never take them off, not even in the shower or at night. Let’s proceed with our online shopping!

Bold Bracelet (But Not Too Much)

ONE women’s steel bracelet which does not go unnoticed, but at the same time does not seem excessive. It is characterized by a strong yet harmonious knit. Looking for something like this? Editing a small knots could be the right solution, take a look here. And this is also a gift not to be missed!


The rigid bracelet it deserves a place among the must-have jewels, we all agree on that. And we must say that the performance of the steel models is impeccable. We prefer bracelets that are generally thin but enriched with a point of light or small pendants. What do you think about this?

With bullets

Do you like women’s steel bracelets moreā€¦ bang? That’s all small spheres lined up, almost seeming to chase each other and give good humor, are the top choice. But we found one my dear: polished mirror steel bracelet, consisting of spheres of different sizes and a magnetic clasp. Definitely glam!

Steel and crystals

If it is a more “busy” context or a more important gift, we suggest the path of material defilements. The combination between steel and crystals, for example: it does not increase the price much (on the contrary), but it is worth noting. The right model? Well, in these cases the tennis bracelet you don’t fight

Pink color

Rose gold has now gained a lot of fame, but have you ever thought about it pink steel? In other words, with a plating reminiscent of the other, undoubtedly more precious metal. Bracelets like this have not yet inflated and this becomes an added value. And while we’re at it, let’s put the emphasis on inherent romance and choose a model with many hearts!


Colored steel bracelets for women are notes of light and originality which are good for the spirit. They stand out without being “intrusive”, and if we want we can combine them with our outfits. Even better is when each color corresponds to different shapes. It always amazes us how much a simple piece of jewelry can make a difference, right?

For the couple

Last but not least, a suggestion for the most romantic: a couple customizable bracelets, i.e. equipped with a plate on which you will carve your names, symbols and words. And when we talk about couples, we also think best friendsto bonding with a family member, to anyone who holds a special place in your heart!

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