The Valeria Solesin Award to students who speak of female talent

Hyear written major theses on the trajectories of gender equality, in Italy and beyond: on Wednesday 29 November the thirteen winners of 7to version from Valeria Solesin Award, contest inspired by the studies of the young Venetian researcher who disappeared in the Bataclan attack in Paris on November 13, 2015

It was born seven years ago from the collaboration between Decent Forum And Allianz PartnersTHE Valeria Solesin Award aims to recognize the commitment and value of students who have addressed relevant social issues with their dissertations, ranging from the sociological to the political-economic, to the psychological, legal and engineering fields.

The theme of this year’s edition was “Female talent as a determining factor for the development of the economy, ethics and meritocracy in our country”: theses that were able to stand out for their originality and scientific rigor in dealing with this topic were selected by the Scientific Committee.

Valeria Solesin award winners

The award, which is open to students from all Italian universities, public and private, was awarded to 13 recent graduates who, with their degree theses, stimulate academic reflection on issues of gender equality and inclusion.

Here are their names and the title of their thesis:

Emanuela Indini: “Care, caring and intimacy. Exploring help from caregivers at home in the case of Southern Italy”.

Gaia Celebrin: “Eastern European Domestic Workers and Labor Agency. A case study in Trento”.

Margherita Farinella: “The presence of women in key positions in governments and parliaments. Analysis of the role of political parties in some European cases”.

Isabella Di Filippo: “A baby is born: the impact of childbirth on Italian families”.

Anna Coquette: “The female presence in the Armed Forces: problematic profiles from the perspective of gender”.

Gabriella Xaveriano: “Gender differences in school and the labor market”

Lynda Citlalli Lopez: “Gender representations of ministers in the Italian press. Lexicographical analysis of titles related to the last 4 governments”.

Irene Marta Brusini: “Rethinking Equal Representation”.

Mariangela Taska: “The gender pay gap. Definition and legal framework”.

Tonia Stiuso: “Territorial governance to improve women’s safety in urban areas. An application in the city of Naples”.

Silvia Parente: “The Taliban in Afghanistan and the status of women in the perspective of international law”.

Elisa Cau: “Family reunification in the European Union. An analysis of gender-related challenges”.

Elena Frazzetti: “The gender gap in education, occupation and income in European countries: a paradox”.

Award winners present at the awards event
Award winners present at the awards event

The awards ceremony

During the awards ceremony, the 13 award-winning students were accompanied by an equal number of supporting organizations who presented the awards: Allianz Partners, State Street, Sanofi, EY, SAS, A&A Studio Legale, Suzuki, MM, TRT Transport and Territory, Italian Association for Population Studies – division of the Italian Statistical Society, Department of Sociology and Social Research of the University of Trento and TIM and Institute Women’s Winner.

After the discussion between the supporting companies and the students, who spoke briefly about their project, the ceremony was enriched by the round table that participated Pegah Moshir Pourhuman and digital rights activist, e Luciana Milaniher mother Valeria Solesin, who has always personally supported the Award, and both were interviewed by Barbara Stefanelli, Deputy Deputy Director of Corriere della Sera.

“The Valeria Solesin Award gives us the opportunity every year to recognize the value of talented young people, who are so little appreciated in our country that they often look for opportunities for achievement elsewhere”, commented Maria Cristina Origlia, President of Decent Forum.

“Never before, celebrating this day and these young students, we feel the responsibility and pride to continue to support an important initiative like the Valeria Solesin Award. Now in its 7th edition, the Prize today represents an interesting observatory, which is enriched every year with new and valuable works, food for thought, new awareness and analytical perspectives on gender equality. With the Award we want to convey Valeria’s moral legacy, her desire to contribute to building a more just, inclusive tomorrow, in which there is no room for prejudice, discrimination, gender inequality, but in which talent and value can be confirmed freely. for the benefit of all,” he said on the sidelines of the event Caterina D’Apolito, Head of Communication & Sustainability at Allianz Partners Italia.

There was also no lack of their contribution to the event Diana De Marchi, President of the Equal Opportunities and Political Rights Committee – Milan City Council and representative advisor for the Labor and Social Policies of the Metropolitan City of Milan, Renata SemenzaAssociate Professor at the University of Milan, e Silvia FontanaAdvisor to the Meritocracy Forum, respectively President and Coordinator of the Scientific Committee of the Valeria Solesin Prize.

The Award is created with the Sponsored by the Municipality of Milan, the Metropolitan City of Milan, the University of Milan and his Cariplo Foundation.

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