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Minimal, elegant and above all practical. For fall 2023, the scarf-coat made famous on TikTok is establishing itself as a must-have item to beat the freezing temperatures! We know, it’s a small step from social media to wardrobe…

It’s true, fashion is constantly reinventing itself, but there are statements that sometimes come back. And this is his case scarf jacket! It was 2022 when the Scandinavian brand Toteme literally went viral thanks to this particular coat. That’s where the story comes from. The sell-out was immediate: that jacket with its contrast stitching and built-in scarf automatically transformed into the object of desire for all trendsetters and, social media in hand, evergreen fashion piece that never seems to go out of style.

scarf jacket
A camel coat with a scarf is shown at the last fashion week in Milan

Convict or accomplice was TikTok. On the other hand, it is now clear that Social media plays an important role in determining the future of a particular trend. On the Chinese platform alone, the hashtag #scarfjacket has more than five million views. You do not believe it? We took a quick tour and saw it in all its minimal shades. It is worn together with comfortable outfits, with jeans or palazzo pants, with a mini or midi skirt, reduced according to a classic and formal mood or following the utilitarian style. In brief, the secret is, as always, to play with fashion and experiment with different combinations.

We understand that mixing and matching clothing is key to styling, but To be recognizable at a glance, sometimes it takes very little, very little indeed. The super power of the scarf jacket is that there are actually many models. Therefore, you will be able to rely not only on the original midi wool version, but also on long coats, padded coats, fitted jackets or striped outerwear, but also on more country versions with fringes. It’s worth saying (again): fashion passes, but style remains.

Jacket with scarf


Jacket with removable scarf (ABERCROMBIE&FITCH)


Oversized Plaid Coat (ZAPAKA)


Double coat (THE ROW)


Wool jacket with scarf (TOTEME, via Mytheresa)


Long gray coat with scarf (TOVE)


Round neck coat with asymmetric scarf (ZARA)


Printed jacket (PUCCI)


Pastel jacket with matching scarf (CHANEL, via Designer Exchange)


Coat with wide sleeves (COS)


Quilted jacket (GOEN.J, via Farfetch)


Long coat with scarf (BALENCIAGA, via Mytheresa)



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