The coordinated look for Diletta Leotta and Aria: visual and retro

Heyiletta Leotta celebrates a month of love with Aria and shows off a really cool rainbow matchy look!

A little visual, a little retro, Diletta Leotta shows off a super cute look to celebrate his first month with Aria. The presenter posted a photo on Instagram revealing a matchy matchy look with her daughter and in full color: a way to say the happiness and magic of this period of her life.

In fact, for the occasion Diletta chose a very colorful look. The presenter decided to wear a mini dress with geometric prints, combined with a lovely white demonstrated by little Aria. A very sweet outfit with colorful patterns perfect to remind the look of mom Diletta and a hat with rainbow shades.

“Your one month. Pure joy,” commented Diletta Leotta who couldn’t be happier. The colors of her outfit and her bright smile perfectly reveal the mental state of the presenter.

Even as a new mother, Diletta continues to set trends. The rainbow look is a trend that has won over celebrities and stars, perfect for tackling the return to the office after the summer holidays with the right sprint. With autumn is upon us the colorful outfit sets the perfect mood to rekindle your smile and feel less down in the dumps. How to bring out the rainbow look? The secret lies in the combination of bright colors with more neutral shades, playing with accessories and clothes. Jeans, for example, are always a great choice, both day and night.

A rainbow t-shirt perfectly highlights skinny jeans, while a total denim outfit becomes very daring thanks to the colorful details. The important thing is to have fun and focus on specific combinations. Do you love rock style? Then choose black, to match a rainbow piece. White is also ideal, a color that tells us about the end of summer.

And if the rainbow look is a trend you absolutely have to follow, the matching mom and daughter outfit remains a guarantee. A choice much loved by both international stars and our own VIPs. How to create a coordinated look? It is not necessary – as Diletta Leotta teaches us – to wear an identical dress. Just choose a main outfit and remember the main shades of the secondary: a fun game for fashion lovers and others. The Aria’s hat, for example, has the same colors as Diletta Leotta’s visual dress. While the combination with white recalls an idea of ​​purity that characterizes newborns. In short, little Aria is only one month old, but she is already making trends, just like her mother, and she is preparing to show off appearances that – we are sure – will be fabulous.

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