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smallAre you only going away for a weekend or a week, maybe even a few more days? Will you take the plane, train or car? We have selected suitcases for every need: the choice will be very easy!

Departure is now imminent and you are still looking for one suitcase to buy online? Start from the following point of view and the choice will be much easier: a lot depends on the type of trip that awaits you. First of all, we need to evaluate the means of transport. If you take the plane, the best keep the suitcase It is the rigid one, because it is more resistant to impacts and generally more robust. for what concern hand luggage to start, remember that (maximum) counts are generally equal to 55x40x20 cm.

For car and train travelhowever, they prove to be more comfortable semi-rigid suitcases – for example in nylon or polyester – because they are easy to stack and less bulky. Then of course it is also critical during the holiday (generally, of staying away from home). And the destination, obviously: should you throw in some beachwear and a little extra inside or heavier and bulkier pieces? But there is some other factor that we need to consider and we will do it together. Get ready, you’re about to find the perfect suitcase!

Small trip

If you’re only going to be away for a weekend, even a long one, here’s a smart tip: choose a 55x40x20cm rigid stroller. It’s okay if you don’t get the plane this time, it’s good to have. And beyond the means of transport, a luggage of this size is much more practical and comfortable than you might imagine. Here is a model in high demand on the internet: among other things, it is equipped with four swivel wheels, a scratch-resistant protective shell, storage space and three zippered pockets.

Vacations of 7-9 days

If your summer vacation is longer, if you will be away about a weekoriented towards a Stroller 77-80 cm. That is about 20 kilos. Among the popular online sales is the one we’re showing you, which can actually be good for a two-week trip. Made in polypropylene, is light but durable. The integrated 3-digit TSA lock is great. And what about the colors? There are others, one brighter than the other!

From 10 days and above

If your vacation will last from ten days onwards, first of all we suggest a review of the rules for the perfect suitcase! After that, see what we found by looking at the most popular solutions on the web: a large suitcase 81 cm, but which is anything but cumbersome. Dual castors and dual tube tow cart make transportation more than easy. the interior is organized with elastic clothespins placed at the bottom, a zippered divider and a large side pocket. There is a 3-point closure for added security and sealing to neutralize moisture.


… We were talking about best suitcase for car and train. And we confirm: these semi-rigid in fabric, therefore gently, is the ideal choice. More flexible, easy to handle, adaptable to available space. This model is very successful polyester and nylon, which has dimensions of 51×32.5×24 cm (height, width and depth respectively). Compression straps help keep contents secure. the interior is divided into different compartments by means of a zipper. A suitcase to buy online that will prove to be very useful, no doubt.

Holidays in the mountains

If you have organized one holidays in the mountainsit is necessary to have a suitcase or trolley easily transportable. But it is not enough. Consider that you may have to walk uphill for part of the route, or perhaps cross a section of road that is not perfectly flat and smooth. In short: for holidays in the mountains, or in any case “adventurous”, it is better to choose a trolley backpack. That at the right moment you can put it on your shoulder and leave!

The suitcase set

One suitcase is not enough, is there more than one person or do you need to carry a lot of clothes and accessories? The suitcase set is a good solution, also because it allows you to reduce costs. It consists of three hard ABS trolleys: a 55cm carry-on, a 65cm and a 76cm. Problem solved!

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