SoloDate, the trend that celebrates the beauty of going out alone

dowhether it’s dinner in a restaurant, a visit to a museum, a walk in the city, the new trend Date onlywhich went viral on TikTok, is an anthem to loving yourself, exactly as you are and without necessarily being two

Getting out of the comfort zone and fighting the prejudices that define a person who dines alone as a person, in fact, alone: ​​this is the principle behind the new trend that is spreading like wildfire among young people in Gen Zand what about Tik Tok has earned a hashtag #justdate in fact, which has already exceeded 200 million views.

The videos published accompanying the hashtag have a common script: the promotion of a genre “dating yourself”, an outing to dedicate without hesitation to appear in restaurants or clubs without companions or escorts. A trend that, without many surprises, especially conquers young people between the ages of twenty and thirty, determined to prove that often the only company you really need is yourself. And this applies not only to versions, but also to time passed hometo devote ourselves to the activities we enjoy most: cooking something good, treating ourselves to a prepared dinner while listening to music, setting a table with candles and flowers, and treating ourselves to a session of “binge-watching” our beloved TV series, as seen by @zayaannoorani in a video that has a total of 165,000 thousand views.

Then there are those who show a trip to Milan, with the intention of exploring neighborhoods and shops, taking time and dining alone: ​​”I don’t often eat alone, but I really like it,” says the YouTuber Chiara ASMR in yet another highly viewed video.

In other videos, however – they are accompanied by hashtags like #Self love And #self-sealing – We see young women visiting museums and bookshops, going to the cinema, drinking an aperitif and dining in a restaurant, all strictly alone and fully enjoying the experience, without any regret or discomfort.

There are many examples of this kind, all just a touch away: a trend, that of #solodate, which also helps to promote self-awareness and self-confidenceLself-determination and searching for what really makes you feel good, challenging social conventions that the only date that really matters is the one with someone else. And also a glimpse of a new society in which free people they do not experience this condition as a stigma nor a lack, but as a moment in life when you learn to know yourself better and what you really love.

The latest figures from Istat, moreover, confirm that Italy is a country in which singles are increasing. In its latest annual report, the organization confirmed that singles represent the 33.2% of Italians, compared to 31.2% of families. Single-person families, which now represent a third of all families, have increased by almost 10 points compared to 2001-2002, for a total of 8,365,000 people now living alone. Without feeling short about it.

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