Simple But Super Chic: Ilary Blasi’s Dress In Venice Is Pure Elegance – The Wom Fashion

doHow chic and how elegant! Ilary Blasi at the Venice Film Festival really enchanted everyone with a total black look and an unexpected detail.

That the Venice Festival It is known to be a unique opportunity to see dizzying clothes and beauty looks on the catwalk. But sometimes it happens that reality surpasses even the wildest imagination, leaving everyone speechless. And that’s exactly what happened when on the most famous red carpet in Italy appeared beautiful and super elegant, the amazing Ilary Blasi. A vision wrapped in a dress that made each of us dream.

A concentration of charm and sensuality in a total black version. The perfect outfit to mesmerize photographers and audiences and made Ilary Blasi the real star of the night. A dress with simple lines, fully highlighting Ilary’s beauty and body.

A black dress, with awide long skirt, opens in two folds and with a cut above the ankles. A dress characterized by a busty which highlights the presenter’s cleavage with exceptional finesse and elegance.

Designer dress Dior which fully enhances the new and unexpected look of Ilary Blasi, who returned from the almost platinum blonde we were used to to a softer and more enveloping look. A super natural toffee color.

A throwback to the past that is already very popular and which, passing the catwalk most sought after by celebrities, proved the versatility of Ilary Blasi, from her hair to her outfit. A look that immediately stood out and that the beloved presenter showed off in combination with a couple black boots with white details. Slightly fancier than the dress, but perfectly integrated with the whole look, giving it that extra touch capable of making it absolutely unique, just like the beautiful Ilary Blasi.

In other words, if his intention was to get back on track (or it would be better to say on the catwalk), with a new, simpler, more refined and elegant look, we can only say that the goal was largely achieved. Result from standing ovation and everything to copy.

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