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Vstyle that tends to be oversized, that innate light that always fascinates, a versatility that surprises: silver pants are the new street style must-have!

We’ve known that for a while. But going from theory to practice is always rewarding shivers of pleasure. The fashion shows revealed it return of metallic among the autumn winter 2023 2024 trendsand among the variations that have seduced fashionistas there are silver pants. To be worn proudly mid-season and enjoyed even as the temperatures drop further. Too much? No. Just for evening wear? Hand. things have changed, girls. Because the view has changed. Or rather, the spirit.

Silver pants
Total silver look: metallic pants + bomber jacket

The coolest versions

Hesitations and hesitations are no longer allowed: Silver trousers demand to be among the must haves of autumn 2023. His process normalization – or customs clearance – has now been achieved thanks to those with more audacity than average. And he manages to realize it transition from catwalks to street style even those objects that, at first glance, can really surprise you.

Silver pants
Silver pants coordinated with gloves

Me too silver pants they are worn all day. Even at noon. Indeed, the taste is right here. because metallic evening wear is nothing new. Yes, but which model should I choose? The current fashion pattern remains comfortso green light to oversized silver pants, straight and wide leg, load, in the palace.

Also very good are the parachute pants, which somewhat remind of lunar landscapes and the image of a man floating in space. And then me metallic jeansthat really seem destined to be a sensation (soon).

Silver pants
Silver parachute pants

How to match silver metallic pants

There is some evidence that speaks volumes for this trend: Google searches related to silver pants have increased by 31% in the last year, and on the platform Stylight they report that they have recorded a rise of 300%. It smells like new fashion obsessiondecisively.

But let’s get to the crucial question: what to wear with silver pants? The queens of street style offer inspiration, a visit to social media is enough to draw from her. A little recap, however, is in order.

It is no exaggeration to say this they go with everythingboth for the continued evolution and because it is essentially a neutral shade. Bright but neutral. As for colors, however, it is preferable to create sober combinations. To prevent silver from taking a back seat. The combinations with black and white they deserve the podium, but so is it the grey: you get one item ton to ton decidedly glam.

Silver pants
Silver pants with sequins + corset + black bomber jacket

Again, keeping in mind that the voltage coincides with i silver pants with a soft fit or above, the correct move is the one aimed at rebalance the volumes. Slim fit blazers, sweatshirts and sweaters are therefore perfect. Tops and corsets.

But since autumn is here layer seasonwe can create a strategic rotation. Wide-narrow-wide. Example: metallic cargo or parachute pants, bustier and bomber jacket or maxi jacket. Or again: you can pay attention to well marking the waistline, simply by removing the sweater from our silver trousers. In short, let’s start with experiments, paying attention to shapes and volumes. The only risk? Enjoy.

Silver pants
Silver pants + loose sweater + long coat

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