Recap 2023: here are the viral items! #tbt

Heyin football shirts to fishnet ballet flats. From maxi bags to micro tops. From the no pants look with visible briefs to the denim long skirt. The last year has been characterized by eccentricity and mainly unconventional shoes… haven’t you already forgotten the “wrong shoe theory”?

The year goes by, the trends it finds… or rather macro-trends! It’s true, fashion comes first and foremost from fashion shows, but social media has been the real arbiter of in&outs. Barbiecore, mermaidcore, blockcore, this year has seen unlimited fashion-core and click-proof moments. However, it is in the chaos of street style and Instagram/TikTok message boards that the 2023 items that have gone viral are defined! Some are truly memorable, but if you’re wondering which ones they are: get ready. Now let’s refresh your memory!

It’s all about shoes

Carrie Bradshaw enters Sex and the city he said: “There are two things you can’t get enough of. Good friends and good shoes” and he was right. Among the most viral items of 2023, the protagonists were shoes of all types and especially all shapes! We witnessed the revenge of the German Birkenstock Arizona sandal, the sold out (in any color) of the Adidas Gazelle and the return to the scene of the iconic Onitsuka Tiger and the Tabi by Maison Margiela. And while at one point ultra mini UGGs left the shoe rack to make way for a pair of Mary Jane ballerinas (crystal, mesh, bow…we could never get enough), the unconventional shoes conquered trendsetters from all over the world. world. For wacky accessory lines and where to find them, here’s MSCHF’s cartoon boots and JW Anderson’s frog mules for a decidedly unconventional look.

Le frog mules + white socks
Le frog mules + white socks

Football fever is rising

From Emily Ratajkowski in Napoli colors to Kim Kardashian photographed in an As Roma jersey, Football has scored modern goals this year. To wear the sports shirt you didn’t necessarily have to be a fan or a big connoisseur of the league, but all you had to do was show it completely out of context and you were trending. Everyone, absolutely everyone, has been seduced by them, starting with the It girls of the internet who have incorporated them into their outfits in the most disparate ways. There are those who wore them as a maxi dress with punk boots, those with micro shorts or even combined with a long tartan skirt. What made this shirt one of the best fashion items of 2023? For styling, the rule is this there are no rules…and not even offside!

No pants. Yes micro bra

It may have been the desire to get out and show off after two years of pandemics, but this year fashion got an undeniably hot upgrade. Sheer dresses aside for a moment, never like this in 2023 the essentials-only option was taken literally. The first to follow this mantra and unofficially give it the go-ahead was Kendall Jenner who was spotted in Los Angeles wearing just a blue sweater worn over tights. Kylie Jenner, Emma Corrin and a large group of influencers became instant fans. So the no-pants thing went viral, along with revealing briefs becoming a must-have item alongside men’s cotton boxers. The free spirit tie next goes to the micro bra, legitimate son of #freethenipple. A shining symbol of female power, we’ve seen it on the embellished runways of Gucci, Vaquera, GCDS and many more, as well as in the Instagrammable photos of Lily-Rose Depp and Zendaya. What can I say if not… the noun is visible to the eye!

Back to basics

Jeans never go out of style. Absolute truth or not, the comforting denim is always present from season to season but this year we wore it in its most relaxed and voluminous form. Shiny and haute couture with laminated details, cool with a low waist worn with a white tank top or over her maxi skirt. Yes, the long denim skirt has become so popular that there are countless DIYs on TikTok on how to make it from an old pair of jeans. Simple and durable, try it to believe it.

species 2023
The maxi denim skirt worn with purple ankle boots

Uniqlo Vs Cos bag

The object of 2023? A more practical and technical bag. No, no obvious logos, no impressive figures. This year the bag was low budget and roomy even if it is small in size. We are talking about the Uniqlo shoulder bag and the quilted xxl from Cos. We have little to say here, except that both sold out in a very short time. Don’t worry, it’s back in stock and in a thousand thousand colors. The plus of both? No matter what size, we assure you it fits everything, just like Mary Poppins.

Biker jackets are going all the way!

A wardrobe staple, we all have at least one, preferably vintage. We are talking about the leather jacket, this year one of the street style obsessions and therefore among the items of 2023. Whether aged, with shoulder pads, bomber jacket, with a belt, as a motorcyclist or in a racing version, it is always an evergreen that makes people upgrade in appearance. Even dinner! If you want to copy an outfit for a quick exit, we suggest you go and check out Hailey Bieber’s profile. You won’t regret it.

species 2023
A total leather look from last Copenhagen Fashion Week

Not just in life

Underrated until proven otherwise. The belt is back to set a trend even in an unusual way!
Think again, in the last year it also appeared as the necessary accessory that saves your outfit with just a few moves. Re-evaluated to the point where instead of one, you can wear two at the same time. And whoever said it had to be put in only one way was very wrong! It appears as a top, as a decorative element in the middle of the arm or – why not – as a necklace if it is precious and metallic. On the other hand, the zone (rage) is for life.

Between the sacred and the profane

What brought stars like Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipa, Chiara Ferragni or Harry Styles together with Lady Diana? Faith, but in the form of jewelry! The cross necklace was actually the precious object that broke the barriers of time and species. A little gothic chic, a little rock ‘n’ roll, whether pendant or choker, the cross seems to have a mystical power that’s hard to resist. Trust me, the fashion system already believes it.

Viral fashion items 2023


Two-tone sneakers (ADIDAS)


Biker jackets (MANGO)


Knitted briefs (MIU MIU, via Mytheresa)


Black ankle boots (MAISON MARGIELA, via Mytheresa)


Denim skirt (H&M)


Boots (UGG)


Precious bra (GUCCI, via Mytheresa)


Quilted bag (COS)


Frog Mules (JW ANDERSON)


Sports top (ZARA)


Sandals with bands (BIRKENSTOCK)


White briefs (MARINE SERRE)


Leather belt (BOTTEGA VENETA, via Vestiaire collective)


Shoulder bag (UNIQLO)


Mary Jane Ballet Flats (ALAÏA)


Denim skirt (VICTORIA BECKHAM, via Mytheresa)


Gold belt (MOSCHINO)



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