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Ua very rich collection of shoes for Fall Winter 2023 2024 and beyond: Pittarello becomes our valuable ally for creating cool and personalized clothes!

“Unlock Your Style”, unleash your style. Express your way of being (also) through what you wear, use fashion to tell your story and communicate with others, decide to release your energy without limits and hesitations. An invitation? Yes, but also the name of the new Pittarello collectionwhich contains – precisely – a valuable message.

For autumn winter 2023 2024the historic company offers a wide and varied selection. a real wave of inspiration that you can happily let yourself be overwhelmed by. The undisputed protagonists are the shoes, perfectly in tune with the latest fashion trends. But Pittarello is constantly evolving, so it offers that too clothing and leather goods. Thus, it becomes very easy to create highly personalized clothes. For day, for night, for any situation. Let’s face it: this collection is an irresistible attraction for girls!

One step away from your style

Freeing your own style also means to experiment. And the new collection Unlock your style from Pittarello it is so rich that it becomes the perfect “raw material”. All the strongest shoe trends of the moment is literally… at our feet!

The necessary moccasins and romance Mary Jane, to be worn with visible socks. The athletically more modern and from the best brands, boots and ankle boots of every shape and, for the evening, the most seductive neckline: whatever your plan for the day, wherever you need to go, you’ll find it shoes correctly. Also play with the contrasts, try the combinations that seem most unusual to you, dare! This news collection it’s the right opportunity to find out True style consists in the ability to create differentdepending on the context, without ever betraying its image and essence.

Consider, for example, its incredible versatility moccasins: worn with tailored pants or palazzo pants it’s perfect for the office and university. in combination with a pleated mini skirt they become unsurpassed expressions preppy style. With jeans and a blazer, however, they translate into a casual chic outfit for a true fashionista. And then, in his name mixed matchthey look great with culottes, sheer midi dresses, maxi coats or bold leather pants. Unlock your style!

Energy burst

What are the highlights of this Pittarello collection? Impossible to answer, take a look and you will agree with us. Because it’s all there: from the most classic pieces to the most innovative, from icons of elegance to those of street style. going through cuissardes, platforms, thick soles, patent leather, animal prints, cross buckles. Heels of all shapes and heights.

This option is really a burst of energy, makes you want to walk with big steps on the fashion streets! It is important to remember that it consists not only of shoes from the best brands in the industry, but also of models designed by Pittarello. Available extra 60 stores found throughout the country and, of course, in the Pittarello online store.

Browse the gallery and choose your favorite model!

Courtesy of the press office

Leather Wedge Boot (via PITTARELLO)

Courtesy of the press office

Round Toe Leather Moccasin (via PITTARELLO)

Courtesy of the press office

Block Heel Leather Bootie (via PITTARELLO)

Courtesy of the press office

Black and White Platform Sneakers (via PITTARELLO)

Courtesy of the press office

3-color flatform sneakers (via PITTARELLO)

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Antique Pink Bell Heel Pump (via PITTARELLO)

Courtesy of the press office

Flatform laces with contrasting laces (via PITTARELLO)



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