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Un aesthetics inspired by aristocracy, based on sophisticated and classic outfits. Indeed: timeless. Luxury clothing and accessories are an added value, but not a must. Mood matters!

No, the Old Money aesthetic It is nothing new among TikTok fashion trends. But the matter is different. Because TikTok, along with Instagram, heralds his return. Scheduled for fall, the season when this style can be expressed at its best. So get ready: the hashtag #oldmoneyaesthetic it will bounce all over the place. The reason is immediately explained: this is a phase in which the most daring and impressive fashion – see the great success of transparencies, sparkling clothes and accessories, fluorescent colors – is accompanied by that which pays tribute to sobriety. But at the same time, it hides a certain passion for luxury and high quality materials, as well as a great refining. The same foundation upon which quiet luxury rests.

Old Money
Old Money style

What is the aesthetic of Old Money?

Traditionally, the expression Old Money defines inherited wealthis passed down from generation to generation. Families that have always been noble and/or powerful. In this case, the focus is on how members of that category dress. At this point it is easy to deduce the reference to Jackie Kennedy, indeed all the Kennedys; to Lady Diana and the Royal Family. To stay in Italy, in families Agnelli and Gucci.

What do you see? Yacht tours, holidays in the most exclusive seaside resorts, grand receptions. Cocktails by the pool and in front of stately palaces. Weddings in castles, villas by the lake. A series of images that make you dream. And it also looks like you can see the different outfits in detail, right?

Old Money
Classic tailored suit in Old Money style

Old Money style: how to dress

Old Money is a classic style, timeless. And sophisticated. But beware: it is not necessarily the “member” statement, in fact in most cases it is just a way to give shape – exactly – to the dream. Very important thing: do not think that this aesthetic is within the reach of a few, anything but democratic. Wearing great designer clothes and accessories is an added value but not a necessary condition. It matters much more… the bottom line.

Therefore, they cannot be absent from the appeal blazer (also above, but not too much), i suit, men’s cut shirts. The chiffon and silk blouses, pencil skirts and pleated skirts, chinos. Belts with logo, the trench and tweed jacket. In winter, make room for soft V-neck or turtleneck sweaters and double-breasted coats. The bags? Preferably small in size, by hand or on the shoulder. The shoes? Moccasins, Mary Janes, slingbacks and pumps. As long as they’re not flashy. In your free time they are also welcome the university and the sneakers, as long as they are white and sober. At night, the top is the sheath dress.

As for the color, it is mandatory a low profile palette: white, black, neutral shades, blue and grey. PS: don’t forget the scarf!

Old Money
Old Money look: shirt, classic trousers and trench coat

You can’t miss a gallery inspired by Old Money style: here it is!


Silk shirt with floral pattern (LORO PIANA)


A-line satin skirt (RALPH LAUREN)

Courtesy of the press office

Baguette bag Liberty line (CALICANTO)


One-Sided Blazer with Contrast Lapel (MANGO)


Black stretch fabric midi skirt (PATRIZIA PEPE)


Vest with front pockets (ZARA)


Rhinestone Embellished Slingback (GUCCI)


Satin cargo pants (PINKO)


Polo shirt with soft fit without buttons (LACOSTE)


Suede sneakers (HOGAN)



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