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THEMay 14th is coming up and you still haven’t decided? Focus on fashion, you won’t go wrong! From personalized bracelets to passepartout bags, here are the best gifts to buy online!

With her we have big laughs but also big fights, she is our accomplice but at the right moment she makes it difficult for us (and it is mutual). however, it remains a fundamental point of reference. The mother it’s always mom! His day is at hand: the time is at hand May 14or to Mother’s Day 2023. They are urgently needed gift ideas, Correctly? Our suggestion is to focus on the fashion universe, which translates to the most varied inputs and facilitates correct movements. Various, in fact: the proposals are flooding in and it may not be easy to reach the final decision yet.

What if we told you we’ve already done most of the work? We offer you a choice of gifts for mom to buy online, effortlessly and with just one click. We’ve found inspiration for all types: from romantic mothers to sporty ones, from those who pay close attention to fashion trends to those who love great classics. We haven’t forgotten anyone, see here!

The dedicated bracelet

The bracelet it’s always a nice gift idea, but there’s always the risk of making a simple choice. On the other hand, luckily avoiding it is simple: on the Internet you can find bracelets designed especially for the mother and her party, enriched for example by heart shaped charm And phrases which are declarations of love. It will melt like snow in the sun!

… And the key ring

We remain in the field of gifts specially dedicated to mothers, ambassadors of romantic but also entertaining messages. If the bracelet doesn’t quite convince you, here’s an interesting (and glamorous) alternative: keychain. TO heart shape – how could it be otherwise? – with letter pendant and shiny charm.

The jewelry box

If for Mother’s Day 2023 you are looking for one little thought different from the usual, this inspiration could be enlightening: a jewelry box in which all the jewels are gathered, dividing them by category and size. There are also necklace hooks, and the best part is that you can easily carry it even when you travel. Just like a beauty case.


The scarf is not only a classic accessory, but also a classic gift! That’s not to say the idea doesn’t work, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Also because the ways of the scarf – it must be said – are infinite. We like colorful versionsbut what is the combination of bright and elegant shades: are you one of us?

The sports shoes

If your mom is smart, sporty and always on the go, make her happy with a pair athletically! In this case we recommend total white: le white sneakers not only are they very strong, but they have a near ranking that takes flexibility to the highest levels. Even with palazzo pants, for one thing, they look great.

The shirt

There t-shirts is among the intergenerational leaders and without gender, practically necessary. Your mother probably stole some from your closet and/or vice versa. So here’s another great gift idea! Browsing the internet, we came across this very popular model for its elegance and originality: it has a smooth line and cotton swab sleeves, as well as the elastic lower end for volume rebalancing.

The passepartout bag

Women have unconditional love for the bags, they would want it in abundance and mothers are no exception. Focus on one model Passepartout, classic but not too much, to be carried in the hand or on the shoulder depending on the moment (and desire). With the black you can never go wrong, but there are other colors.

The clutch bag

If your mom is an incurable fashionista and he does not despise worldliness, he plays his card clutch bag. And he embraces the trends of the moment, without the fear of making mistakes. Speaking of trends, the metallic and glittery bags they continue to buy shares. And if it’s about chain bagor equipped with a chain, even better!

Retro sunglasses

You are thinking of buying a pair of sunglasses for Mother’s Day 2023? Very well. He will love a retro model, as a diva of the 50s and 60s. Which variations are currently the most popular? Rectangular lenses with a sharp frame.

The one piece swimsuit

… But it can also be done think summer and play early, why not? ONE swimsuit it’s definitely a gift your mom isn’t expecting, so surprise her! And if you don’t already have a very specific idea, we advise you to stick to the classic: the one piece black swimsuit it’s evergreen, it’s practically impossible not to like it. And it’s also quite chic, of course! V-neck, adjustable and strategic strap versions are beautiful curtains.

You want other inspirations that also transcend the fashion universe? You find them here!

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