MeLISegno, the app for learning sign language

largeCommunication is a fundamental aspect of our daily lives, but we often face barriers that prevent many people from expressing themselves fully. The application MeLISign offers an exciting and fun way to learn LIS – Italian Sign Language. Let’s find out with me Dr Ginevra Bocconcelli fromFedora Associationapp promoter

Who are Lis performers and why are they fundamental to making television more accessible


Who are Lis performers and why are they fundamental to making television more accessible

It is addressed to the world of the deaf community but also to anyone who wants to learn this language, MeLiSegno offers fun and challenging quizzes and exercises. A way to have fun learning and also train your memory, opening your personal baggage to new ways of communicating and connecting with others.

So let’s dive into this challenge together Dr Ginevra Bocconcelli of the Fedora Association.

Dear Ginevra, can you introduce us to the Fedora club and what are its main goals?

First of all, thank you for this opportunity. I am one of the founders of the Fedora Cultural Association, together with Valeria La Corte and Luca Falbo. The Association promotes accessibility in the cultural sector for people with disabilities, with special attention to sensory disabilities, with the aim of creating conditions for a more accessible cultural life for all and educating society in a new approach to disability. The name Fedora is inspired by the book “Invisible Cities” by Italo Calvino: Fedora is the ideal city, the city that each of us would like.

How the idea of ​​creation was born MeLISign and what is the main objective of the app and who is it aimed at?

MeLISegno is an application developed by SignLab, an English start-up specialized in the world of accessibility, and the Fedora Cultural Association who took care of the content. The aim is to discover LIS – Italian Sign Language or to improve and maintain in practice skills already acquired in this regard. All this happens thanks to a backdrop consisting of dynamic lessons and fun and stimulating quizzes. It is addressed to people who are interested in discovering LIS and the culture of Deaf meaning making, to those who have daily personal or work relationships, such as teachers, with Deaf people, children and their families.

What does it mean to be deaf in Italy?  The Pio Istituto Sordi experience in Milan


What does it mean to be deaf in Italy? The Pio Istituto Sordi experience in Milan

Let’s remember that content is free always and for everyone, so what is your mission?

MeLISegno can be downloaded for free from Play Store and Apple Store and the first 4 modules are free. To access other content, you must pay a monthly or annual subscription. MeLISegno aims to spread and make people aware of LIS but above all the world of the deaf community. However, the application was designed not only to provide concepts in terms of signs, but also to provide theoretical information about the world of deafness. To know a language it is important to understand the social context in which it is introduced.

Do you have any other plans for the future? For example, add new features to the app?

The next step is to work on the content and increase the number of modules in order to provide more and more information and make MeLISegno a more complete and content-rich application.

Have you already received feedback from some users?

The feedback received so far has been very positive and comes from the deaf world. We hope to continue like this!

We wish you this from the bottom of our hearts, because making the world a more inclusive place is not just a goal, but a concrete commitment that concerns us all!

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