Lorella Cuccarini’s Wellness Secrets: 56 Years and I Don’t Feel It – Feel Good

How does a busy woman balance work, family and self-care? Here are the well-being secrets of the most beloved of Italians, Lorella Cuccarini


Today in Rome there are many Sun! It’s the first thing he says Lorella Cuccarini at the beginning of the interview for I feel good. You can immediately see and perceive that it has character radianta Leo (like her sign: born in August) full of energy and desire to live, hyperdynamic and always in the breach, inside TV (where she is a singing teacher at Amici) and others Home (has 4 children). Fifty six years old and under listen to thembut not even show them offeven though he repeatedly emphasizes to me that “in my age“… But you also know that who knows how many fifty years old they would pay to be and feel a little like the most beloved from the Italians. So, all we have to do is discover his together secrets of prosperity.

Don’t you like winter?

It’s not really my time favorite and I certainly don’t want that cold and seasonal poops I’ll stop somehow. So I’m always looking for “allies” to protect me and support me. Like him supplements: sometimes I use many products, with vitamins and mineral salts for the gym, also specifically for skin and hair (under a lot of pressure due to the work I do), but I tend to prefer a supplement unique which covers more Needsalso to combat the inevitable fatigue that comes over me when I’m particularly tired he emphasized physically and I have to take care of myself more. My motto is optimization of also in his care Health: with 6-7 hours of rehearsal room every day, my role in The friends and a family numerous like mine is waiting for you at home, time is really precious. That’s why Bion 3 (of which she became a godmother – ed.) is perfect for me. There are 12 living cultures on a single tablet vitamins (like C and D) and well 7 minerals: a great ally for my immune system.

Seasonal Diseases: Covid sure loves the cold…

It’s been a long two years for Covid difficult. i was driving Life alive when it explodedepidemic and I was at the forefront of the virus narrative. Not only that: we took it home with us fiveonly my husband remained immune. Fortunately the symptoms were there mildbut how scary. But I am incurable optimistic and I always try to see the bright side of things: “thanks” to the lockdown we were all at hometogether and we have he lived our family is as beautiful as ever I remember that I want to keep. And then now we start shooting outside your head off all this drama, right?

You love the sun, but your photo type is clear: do you protect yourself from the rays?

50 protection for me is imperative. I take care of my skin, even if I don’t spend much time in front of it mirror. But what I do I do Good and carefully. I could never sleep with it trick even if I’m very tired and it’s late. I take my makeup off even though I have a rash sleep while looking at myself a film with my children, but it is not disciplineit is really necessary cleaning which I feel very strongly about. My rule is wash away the skin well several times a day choosing products from quality that allow you, with just a few actions, to do so Better. That being said, I’m lucky to have this skin resists good for time and for attackthe external ones.

So without serums and antiaging?

Above all purification and UV protection. The trick in my field there are many rich and I find that the oil paintings it is last generation fantastic to eliminate it as best as possible: I find myself Very well.

What is your typical day like?

I rarely sleep before midnight, but wake up always on 7.30max at 8, even if I don’t have to take the kids anymore schoolThey are grown now. In the 9.30 I’m at the gym for class daily, which I never miss. I like to exercise in the morning because it gives me energy loadit lights me up and nourishes me power for the rest of the day. But it’s hard to do afternoon because it’s 8 in the evening tired: there is and all theactivity for transmission The friendswhich is as challenging as stimulating.

What exercises do you do at the gym??

I alternate it Calisthenics in the metabolic circuit. The first is a love affair recently, because I only discovered it 4 months ago. These are free body exercises that are performed in a rhythmic way, with the aim of stimulating, giving more strength but also elegance in the movements. The metabolic instead it is intense, fast and mainly involves the muscles lifting it Rhythm cardiac and therefore stimulating metabolism. One day I do Calisthenics one day cardio-metabolic. I also love Pilates and then there is, of course, la dance: I have been dancing since I was 9 years old. In the gym secret you set yourself a small goal every day, motivates Very.

And when it’s sunny, what does it do?

Once i ran. I really enjoy running today though avoidbecause the cartilage my knees can’t take it anymore (he laughs heartily with his wonderful ringing laugh and says “at my age” again). I have to deal with itusury like all “athletes fighters»: I work at many paces tightens since I was 17. So I focus on fast, uphill walking, which I don’t do well problems. I also use the treadmill a lot.

And on the table?

For us as a family, dinner is the most beautiful moment aggregation, where we talk about everything. Sometimes we also have dinner at 22to stay Together. My house is dominated by Mediterranean diet: I eat everything but drink very little, never spirits, some wine with friends. I don’t love them violations: I’m used to work they are self-regulating. Even with sweets: I’m a glutton but I enjoy them every now and then, like prize. I tend to choose carbs for lunch and proteins afternoon. If I don’t have time instead of skipping it lunch sometimes I consume an energy bar.

good sleep

Very well. But sometimes when I really am tired because I worked more than usualI am sleepy get upset. But no I take never anything to sleep on. And the next morning I will go already two thousand THAT PERIOD. It is no coincidence that I and mine Husband we split into team’s based on metabolism: he and his two children are slower in the morning and more active in the evening, me and the others are early risers.

The “attending” doctor more often?

Except i controls routine, the physiotherapist. With what I do comes muscle soreness and then I have to get it under control joints. Periodic physical therapy it helps Very.

Do you have any advice for our readers?

Learn to I hear your body, to feel it. He tells us with his signals Very. We spend more year listen to us, it’s really about time precious, and if I do say so myself. Now I hear it is mine customand my body hardly tells me things wrong.

Rice and fettuccine

There are two cornerstones Lorelai’s food: rice and fettuccine. “I prefer rice as a first course because satiatedit’s easy to digest and perfect if you need to make it later effort also challenging,” he explains. “A plate basmatI never miss a drop of oil in mine tour and I consume it 2 hours before entering the scene.’ And the fettuccine? “I do it inside Homebut I’m not a cook Masterchef. It is one tradition which my grandmother taught me. I remember beautiful endings week with an avalanche of fettuccine spread on bed sheet of the double bed: what scent and what perfection! They looked made to machine, how smooth and precise they were. They don’t come to me beautiful like his, there are more rough and thick. But so I honor his memory and do it happy the family. Fettuccine reminds me of many beautiful family things.”

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