Longevity, by changing your diet you gain 10 years of life

Rebalancing your diet greatly promotes longevity, even from age 40 onwards. This is according to a study that highlights the foods you should prefer and those you should avoid


Win another 10 years it is not that difficult. You don’t need miracle pills or even grueling exercise sessions. So? Enough rebalance your diet starting at the age of 40. So simple? This is according to research from the University of Bergen, Norway, published in Nature Nature and based on analysis of the diets of half a million people between the ages of 40 and 69.

The study began by analyzing data related to the diet of people included in the British Biobank. Only in the UK does an unhealthy diet get you further 75 thousand premature deaths each year. The Norwegian researchers grouped the sample based on different dietary patterns and tracked how these changed over the years. It has emerged that changing table habits starting at the age of 40, following a healthier model such as Mediterranean diet can increase life expectancy by 10.8 years for men and 10.4 years for women.

The benefits of starting to eat healthy at 70

Even those who did not think of it in time, however, can recover. All is not lost. The same research has always emphasized that if you start to eat healthy at 70you gain 5.4 years for women and 5.0 years for men.
In general, the greater and earlier the changes in favor of healthier dietary patterns, the greater the years gained in life expectancy. So the earlier you start, the better.

The UK population currently has a life expectancy at birth of 83.6 years for women and 79.9 years for men. Other research shows that less than 0.1% of the English population adheres to all the recommendations of the Eatwell Guide, which are very similar to those of the Mediterranean diet.
Italywhich is the home of this diet, is fifth in the world for life expectancy with an average of 84.01 years (81 for men and 85 for women).

Foods that are okay and what to avoid

The researchers also compiled a list of foods that are generally associated with higher mortality and inversely with longevity. At the dock there are the sugary drinks and processed meatwhile they are allies of prosperity whole grains, fruit, fish and white meat; high intake of milk and dairy products, vegetables, dried fruits and legumes.

In conclusion, the research says that everyone has the power to influence the coming years and help build prosperity and a long life.

December 1, 2023

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