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Wash yourself in the shower and choose the right water temperature. At this point, you can immerse yourself in a truly relaxing bath, adding flowers, fruits, perfumes and essences to the water, depending on the effect you want to achieve on the body and soul.


The first gesture when returning from a hard day? Fill the tub and indulge in the warm embrace of a relaxing bath. Much more than a simple daily necessity, the bathroom is real healing ritual. Water, in fact, helps us get in touch with the spirit, clears the emotions and helps us achieve mind-body harmony. If you want to make bathing a deeply relaxing experience, you should go for it some rules. The first is wash off quickly in the shower before diving. “This way the skin is already clean and the therapeutic substances added to the bath will have a greater effect,” explains the hydrotherapy specialist Gudrun Dalla Via. second rule, select the correct temperature. “The bath is relaxing if it’s hot, but you have to be careful,” warns Dalla Via. “Too hot takes away your energy. Ideal is around 37-38 degrees, for about 20 minutes.” But see how to make the magical encounter with water even more effective.

To warm the heart

If you feel tired, but also a little depressed, try this bath recommended by the dermatologist and psychotherapist Maria Teresa Lucheroni. In one kilogram of whole sea salt, mix 5 drops of geranium rose scent and 5 petitgrain. Put the mixture in the bathtub just before divingexplains Lucheroni. The Perfume is a key component of relaxation. In fact, the aromatic molecules, passing through the olfactory tract, directly reach the seat of emotions, which is located in the older brain. That explains whya pleasant aroma evokes immediately a sense of itwellness.

To rediscover nature

After a day spent among neon lights and computer screens, there is a need to be reborn in touch with our great mother, nature. If you didn’t even have time for a walk in the countryside, bring nature into the bath. “Add fresh flower petals or citrus slices to the water,” suggests Gudrun Dalla Via. “Besides the fragrance, there is the pleasure of watching petals and fruit float by. It is a world-reconciling sight.” At the end of the bath you can rub the slices of orange and lemon on the skin, their balsamic essences will leave it soft and fragrant.

To make peace with the body

Are your muscles sore? Here is an exercise stretch which will help you release all tensions in the water. Lean with your back on the edge of the tub and slowly raise one leg without bending it. the other leg is bent, with the foot resting firmly on the bottom. Using your hands behind your knee, gently pull your leg toward your chest. extend the toe. Hold the position for about half a minute without pressing, then switch sides. While performing the exercise with your whole body calm I remember to breathe deeply. The exhalation phase is particularly important, which must be performed by bringing the leg to the chest. Empty your lungs well by expelling the air from your mouth.

For the soul to be reborn

Are you upset by a fight or anger? Try this bath recommended by Mary Muryn, author of the book The magic of water: you will feel better immediately. Put ten drops of Rescue Remedy, his first aid medicine Bach flowers. While you remain immersed, drink a glass of fresh water to which you have added five drops of the same medicine. Bach flowers they heal the soul and they help to recover give it quickly feelings negative.

To recharge your energy

Exhausted but need to quickly get back into shape for the evening? All you have to do is add it to the water a cup of apple cider vinegar. “It’s an excellent detoxifier that also leaves the skin feeling particularly soft,” explains Gudrun Dalla Via. If you want, take Mary Muryn’s advice in this case too: bathe afterwards a few steps barefoot, at home or in the garden. It will help you to discard all the negative energies and feel like young people.

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