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largefunctional and comfortable looks, inspired by travel and nature excursions. But read again in a civil key. The result? Learn now!

Spoiler: with the arrival of autumn, when the temperatures will gradually start to drop, it will be gorpcore again. An aesthetic that on the one hand fits the trends of TikTok and has found a significant boost on social media, but on the other hand is being consolidated thanks to a new vision for fashion. why to comfortable and functional fashionNow we don’t want to give up.

What is gorpcore

Let’s start with the definition. Gorp is its acronym good raisins and peanutsor “good dried raisins and peanuts”: the energy snacks that generally accompany them trips and days surrounded by nature. Consider excursions, camping or camping holidays, hiking. On “adventures” in the mountains. The suffix –core, we now know, identifies new fashion trends. Which, in a way, we could define as a position (or at any rate represents a position).

But let’s avoid possible misunderstandings: all this does not mean being in the city and dressing as if you are in wild landscapes or on top of a mountain. This means, on the contrary, choose looks that are functional and inspired by these types of experiences. Read the clothes again in an urban key, obviously, but which convey a great sense of freedom. And then yes, if we want it is also a kind of journey… of the spirit. Many brands, including luxury ones, offer undeniably glam interpretations.

Gorpcore look: fleece cargo + sneakers + sports jacket

The must haves of the gorpcore aesthetic

Gorpcore finds its perfect expressions in mid-seasons like autumn. And now the reasons are clear. The protagonist lays, i.e. the art of dressing in layers. Inspiration must also be sought in certain activities: hiking, in fact, but also cycling, hiking, climbing. We can also think of this aesthetic as a middle ground between normcore and techwear.

It comes naturally: i short jacketsThe technical and waterproof jackets are necessary. But by checking the “right” objects we also find our loved ones cargo pants Hello parachute pantsThe sweatshirtI gaiters. The t-shirts with short or long sleeves, loose fitting shorts, sports bras.

As for the shoes, they dominate sneakers, amphibians and lace-up boots. The other accessories that best represent this trend? Backpacks, shoulder bags and hats. Baseball cap and bucket hat.

POSTSCRIPT: there is no stiffness, you don’t have to be gorpcore from head to toe. Mix&match, provided it is done wisely, can really be an added value. An example? The sweatshirt combined with tailored trousers.

Technical clothing + boots + coordinated jacket, bag and bucket hat

The importance of color

THE colored is one of the peculiarities of gorpcore. Accessible and alive: these are the shades that allow you to “stand out” in nature, so it’s also a matter of safety. in the case of urban interpretation it is also a matter of energy. But also the most sober colors. intense, matte or powder effect. As long as they don’t go unnoticed and smoothly.

Color blocking in gorpcore style


Waterproof and windproof jacket (THE NORTH FACE)


High waisted cargo pants (ZARA)


Organic cotton T-shirt (FIORUCCI)


Sneakers in beige and ebony fabric GG Supreme (GUCCI)


Ultralight Hooded Down Jacket (UNIQLO)


Sports shoes with platform (ADIDAS by JD SPORTS)


Cropped color block sweatshirt (FREDDY)


Boots with laces model 1460 (DR MARTENS)


Purple polyester backpack (CHAMPION)


Baseball cap with front logo (NEW ERA)


Shoulder bag with rubber surface (MANDARINA DUCK)



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