Francesca Ferragni’s wedding: all the dream dresses

TWith outfit changes and super-glamorous bridesmaids, Francesca Ferragni’s wedding is set to be one of the most fashionable of the year

Fashion loverwe can say it out loud: we’ve been waiting for months Marriage Of Francesca Ferragni and Riccardo Nicoletti and now that the wonderful celebration has come to an end, it’s time to share all our admiration and wonder.

Yes, because Francesca’s wedding certainly did not defy expectations, on the contrary. The whole ceremony was real ode to charm and, of course, the wedding dressesfrom bridesmaids Chiara and Valentina and the witnesses were absolute protagonists

As the bride herself and the brand have already announced, all the dresses were designed by Atelier Emewho took care of every detail, creating elegant masterpieces both for Francesca, Chiara and Valentina, as well as for the rest of the bridesmaids, witnesses and mother of the bride, Marina Di Guardo.

Francesca Ferragni, dreamy and super chic bride

Let’s start, of course, with the bride: on September 9, 2023 in the magnificent setting of Rivalta Castle, Francesca Ferragni looked just like a princess. The second of the Ferragni sisters (born in 1989 after Chiara, 1987 and before Valentina, born in 1992) walked the aisle with determination princess with rebrode lace, sweetheart neckline and sleeves.

Sophisticated, with vintage charm and timeless charm, the dress enchanted everyone in attendance with a royal skirt 3 meters! The tasty extra something? The delicate floral pattern of the lace, able to give an aura of uncompromising romance.

But beware, because the skirt was designed to come off: so when the wedding reception began, Francesca surprised everyone by showing off a seductive mermaid dress. And after? Well, let’s face it: it wouldn’t be a fashionista wedding if it hadn’t change of clothes. So there you go!

For the last party, Francesca showed a long dress with deep necklinewhich had an exuberant slit on the left leg and a crystal waterfall which emphasized the silhouette of the bride even more and perfumed the creation with highlights everywhere.

Wedding rings and jewelry: an excellent choice

Attention to detail, obviously: in case you were wondering, Francesca also turned to an Italian brand for her jewelry.

Francesca Ferragni

Her and her husband Riccardo’s faith is signed by Damianias well as the other jewelery she wore: a white gold and diamond necklace from the Mimosa Fine Jewelery collection for the first dress and a white gold and diamond bracelet from the Mimosa High Jewelery collection for the second.

Chiara and Valentina, sugar paper and simplicity

Yes, it’s true, all eyes were on the bride, but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t anxiously waiting to find out what outfits Chiara Ferragni and her sister Valentina chose as well. Let’s start by saying that for the sisters and the other two bridesmaids, Francesca Ferragni chose a delicate baby blue color, while for the witnesses a very elegant pink.

Regardless of the color, each bridesmaid could choose the model: the best friends of the bride chose one for a dress with a plunging neckline and a plunging neckline, and the other for a dress with a straight skirt. Chiara, on the other hand, chose a slip dress decorated with crystal shoulder strapswhile, Valentina chose one Mermaid dress with neckline and thin straps.

Mamma Marina, irresistible elegance

As we have already said, Atelier Emè also created the precious dress of Marina Di Guardo’s mother. It’s impossible not to see her shine in this custom made outfit pink color powder and decorated with hundreds of sparkling light points.

The gown, with a mermaid silhouette, was covered in hand-embroidered tulle and had a delicate soft neckline that left the shoulders bare. A true miracle.

Outfit change: crystal waterfall for Kiara and Valentina

But let’s get back to Chiara and Valentina: naturally, the bride’s sisters didn’t give up on changing clothes either. On the other hand, both had another very special role: during the reception they gave heartfelt and loving speeches about Francesca, not only wishing her the best, but also reminding her how precious she is to them. And, let’s face it, the crystals that Atelier Emè used to satisfy the Ferragnis’ requests are also precious!

Valentina ventured with one seductive electric blue dress in tulle, cleavage-baring, driven Ciara has (obviously!) taken social media by storm with an irresistible one shoulder dress blackmade sexy by a geometric metallic crystal slide, which she said she dreamed of wearing for years.

The result? A cover wedding that made us dream every moment. Cheers!

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