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smallsimple, romantic, practically perfect. Francesca Ferragni’s look heralds her wedding day and fills the air with love

Are many Love in the air and you can see it in every detail, including the dress. Francesca Ferragni decided to give her fans anxiously awaiting the wedding day (this Saturday) some really special footage, in which she once again stars with White color and with lines romantic and elegant.

In the footage, in fact, you can see two white, soft and light dresses, perfect to remember and anticipate the big day that is about to arrive, that of her long-awaited wedding with Riccardo Nicolettiorganizational manager of a company with which she has been associated since 2009 and with which she had a beautiful child, Edward.

Back to the dresses, Francesca showed off two summer appearances, super feminine and with sensual lines but no show. In perfect boho chic style, they perfectly suit her style and body. But not only that: they also open the way to speculation about what the dress could be for the big day.

The first, a long dress with side slit in shades of white tending towards cream, it has soft lines and is dotted with small flowers. A dress that leaves the back bare and is a true concentration of harmony and romance. All paired with very simple yet sophisticated flat sandals with small stones and bring out the style.

The second, however, is a white dress, very white indeed, in lace and from the unique embroideries, which in fact Ferragni had already published a few weeks ago which always makes its impact. Floral embroidery evokes wedding motifs and makes you dream. This is a really elegant dress, opening to a plunging neckline in the front and with an effect I see I don’t see super chic and sophisticated.

ONE seductive look but in a subtle way, almost on the tip of the toes, obtaining a result that is nothing short of extraordinary and that makes Francesca Ferragni the most beautiful “almost bride” you can imagine.

Two perfect outfits to celebrate these last days of summer (and to draw inspiration from) and which foresee the romantic atmospheres and full of love that will characterize the long-awaited wedding day of her sister Chiara Ferragni.

In case you’re wondering, the event (which we’re all waiting for and can’t wait to celebrate with her) will marry the suggestive Rivalta Castlein the hamlet of Gazzola, in the province of Piacenza, where the photographs he published were taken.

The bride will wear a dress designed by Atelier Emè (which will also dress her sisters Chiara and Valentina and her mother Marina Di Guardo), but details are apparently being kept under wraps at the moment. All you have to do is wait!

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