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THEThe fashion stylist takes care of the soul of the dress: creativity, customization and courage, for one of the most exciting and important professional figures in the world of fashion

We often hear him mentioned and he is one of the figures in the world of fashion that we most admire: the fashion stylist – who is not a stylist – deals with choosing and living in a style, taking care of the image of people, as well as the companies themselves. He often deals with consolidating the image of a brand, or public figure. Although he is not a costume and dress designer, he is one of the leading experts and always knows how to impress.

One of the strong points of the fashion stylist is precisely the adjustment: knows how to define a style, not only to obtain a final “product”, but also to communicate a message, focus on exploitation. Becoming a fashion stylist, however, is not that simple. It takes years and years of study, you need to have an eye and a deep love for fashion.

Fashion designer, what does she do?

Speaking of fashion it’s his call. We might think that his work is based on the choice of clothes, on defining mixes – sophisticated or explosive, depending on the occasion – but the truth is that this figure goes beyond that. It is no coincidence, in fact, that they have been defined as the new stars of fashion, gaining the right recognition, which for a long time was actually hidden, working “behind the scenes”.

Until recently, the fashion stylist mostly worked in editorial offices and therefore was subject to a very specific editorial line, adhering to what was requested. Today, however, it is a free profession, which requires years of study, dedication and effort, but which can be exploited in many ways. Known, in fact, are the influencer fashion stylist or global starsfrom Chiara Ferragni to Lady Gaga: we’re talking about figures who study each look and decide what message to send.

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How has your work changed over the years?

This professional figure definitely gives that extra value to fashion, to a style, to very specific clothes. A dress has a story, and many times it also has a soul, which is “packaged” by the fashion stylist. It is no coincidence that he often takes care of the collections so that they achieve the desired success.

Creativity has remained a constant value over the years, but the areas in which it operates have certainly expanded. It exists not only in fashion publications, but also in style and design offices. He works for companies, as a freelancer, he is a fashion consultant. He can also offer his knowledge to magazinefollow the gods photographic services.

It must be said that come catwalks we have arrived too social showcases, in which a style is often built around a common theme, a very specific message. Creating the image is not simple, because it must be defined in some basic aspects. The fashion stylist knows how to deal with it, what to suggest, when to dare and to what extent.

From catwalks to social profiles

Since the task of the fashion stylist is also to convey a message, social networks have also become the perfect showcases for their work. With the power of one click, one download and one share on Instagram, the way you show off style has changed. We are constantly updated on the current influences on the main social networks. For this reason, many stars – including actors and singers – choose to hire a fashion stylist to manage their social media and never get it wrong. while maintaining an authentic and coherent line.

How to become a fashion stylist

It is not enough to be a fashion loveryou are predisposed to trends: you need to study, be informed, know everything about current fashion and know the collections of the past, find that point of union, a continuity between past, present and future in one of the most important areas of all ages.

From aesthetics to creativity, there is no shortage of knowledge of anthropology and sociology, as well as the history of customs. Interpreting style and trends may seem simple, but it actually requires an infinite amount of imagination. For example, looking beyond the aesthetic side, for example get to the soul of the dress.

If we wanted to identify some basic steps to becoming a fashion stylist, they would be:

  • Study and Training. Although not absolutely necessary, having a degree in fashion, design or a related field can provide a solid foundation. Then there are many fashion institutes and schools that offer specific courses to become a fashion stylist. These courses provide detailed knowledge of trends, fashion history, styling techniques and more.
  • Develop a personal vision. Having a unique sense of style and the ability to predict trends will allow you to stand out from the crowd.
  • Create a portfolio. Collect images, photos and other materials that showcase your talent and vision as a fashion stylist. This will be a business card to introduce yourself to potential clients or employers.
  • Network and seek internships. The fashion industry relies heavily on networking. Attending fashion events, workshops and seminars and possibly interning with established designers, fashion houses or magazines is essential to gain practical experience.
  • Self-employed or employed? Many fashion stylists start out as freelancers, while others may find positions at magazines, advertising agencies or fashion brands as employees.
  • Stay informed. Fashion is an ever-changing industry, so follow the latest trends, read fashion magazines, attend fashion weeks and don’t forget about education.
  • Develop communication and marketing skills. In addition to stylistic skills, you need to promote yourself, communicate with clients and manage the business aspects of the profession.
  • Get hands-on experience. In addition to internships, you could start by working on small projects, such as styling for up-and-coming photographers, short films, or local events.
  • Specialize. Over time, it would be useful to specialize in a specific area of ​​style, such as film, television, advertising or personal style.
  • persistence. The fashion industry is competitive. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t land your dream job right away. You must therefore continue to pursue your passions, build your portfolio and make connections in the industry.

Italian fashion stylists: some names

If you love fashion, you will surely have heard the name before Ramona Tabitha And Nick Serioni. The first, Sicilian by origin, is one of the most sought after at the moment and takes care of his appearance Elodie. Nick Cerioni, on the other hand, is the stylist of the singers: we especially owe him the look Achille Lauro – whose look a San Remo 2020 – but also followed Jovanotti – the collaboration lasts over ten years – as does Laura Pausini. One of the most famous is also Nicola Formichetti, who was Diesel’s art director. However, one of the most important names he has been associated with for a long time is that of Lady Gaga.

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