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Mmetallic, transparent, enriched with a shower of rhinestones: autumn shoes demand attention. Discover all the trends of the season!

The change of season is approaching, the end of summer can make you feel a little melancholy but i new Horizons they can have nice surprises in store. Even when it comes to clothes. Let’s get straight to the point: what do fashion trends tell us about shoes? Even more specifically, what are the shoes with heels fall 2023 focus to stay in tune with the dictates of fashion?

Let’s say right away that the key word is amaze. Not so much with heel height, which is highly variable – go from stilettos to kitten heels indifference – like its shapes. The protagonists are, probably, Raw materials. Along with the details that make (a lot) of the difference.

The shoes with a metal heel they are practically mandatory for autumn winter 2023-2024. Silver and gold take the podium, but what’s even more interesting is that the said result also comes from it vivid and bright shades: fuchsia, emerald green, electric blue. Or, on the contrary, from neutral and/or light shades like pearl and rust color. Classic pumps, sandals, slingbacks: when it comes to types, there are no limits.

Heeled shoes autumn 2023
Metallic shoes

Shoes with rhinestones and studs

His toughest competitors metal shoes? The shoes with rhinestones. They populate the collections of fashion brands regardless of market segment, from luxury to fast fashion. Rhinestones are simple decorations and points of light or become the main stylistic feature, completely or almost completely covering the shoe. The other alternative, for a metropolitan-rock twist, is the nails in mini size. The important thing is to shine!

Heeled shoes autumn 2023
Sandals with rhinestones

Patent leather slingback

Slingbacks are also finding their place among the heels of fall 2023. This was to be expected, and we can’t help but rejoice, given their innate sophistication. The trendiest variations for this season rhyme colour. If we want, it is a variation on the sparkling theme: in any case they shine and offer interesting games of reflections. As for the heel, in this case there is no middle ground: dizzy or kitten.

Heeled shoes autumn 2023
Patent leather slingback

Details online

The fishnet shoes they entered the scene in the summer and confirm their presence and among themselves Fall 2023 heel trends. The mesh can be an insert or the raw material of the entire upper part, here personal tastes matter a lot. The result is, however, a transparent result very thin, somehow retro. And there are already those who are experimenting and trying to wear them fishnet shoes with pantyhose. What do you think?

Heeled shoes autumn 2023
Mesh shoes

Bare shoes

The bare shoesor the transparent shoes, have entered the summer fashion obsessions. And above all, we’ve lost our minds about it transparent heels. If you regretted that you would close the case with the arrival of autumn, know that it is not so. Our transparent heels are staying! Transparency, however, tends to move upwardsupwards. The most popular models therefore become pumps and slingbacks. The most common raw materials? Polyurethane and vinyl.

Heeled shoes autumn 2023
Shoes with transparent details

Mary Jane

It hasn’t been flirting since last year: we really love Mary Janes. And we love the fact that they’ve been… elevated. Among the heeled shoes of fall 2023, then, here they are versions with a heel. Slim, mini, block: the choice is wide. Black dominates, even glossy. But you can also play with two-tone and other shades. How to resist this temptation?

Heeled shoes fall 2023
Mary Jane


Satin sandals with spiral strap and rhinestone embellishments (SERGIO ROSSI)


Pointed slingback with mesh details (ZARA)


Silver Metallic Leather Pumps (CASADEI)


Pointed Back Patent Leather (JIMMY CHOO)


Transparent slingbacks with rhinestones (H&M)


Mary Jane with two-tone top and party heel (DIOR)


Leather and transparent polyurethane back with spiral strap (THE ATTICO)


Suede tromp with rhinestones all over (PATRIZIA PEPE)


Suede mule studded sandal (GUESS)


Rhinestone embellished mesh pumps (CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN)


Mary Jane with patent leather (RALPH LAUREN)


Gold Plated Cage Sandal (TWINSET)



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