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PiMake the style inspired by western girls, add seaside holiday looks and a boho chic twist: shake it and voilà, here is the aesthetic that reaches the heights of success!

In the list of the strongest TikTok trends for the spring summer 2023 there is a new entry: the coastal cowgirl aesthetic. Which has actually been around for a while and on the well-known social network the hashtag #coastalcowgirl has exceeded 7 billion views? but the climax reaches it now, with the advent of the beautiful age. As evidenced by the increase in Google searches and the stamp of approval many celebrities. TO Coachella, for example, “coastal cowgirl” outfits won hands down. But what exactly is it? And how to explain this new obsession with fashion?

What is the coastal cowgirl aesthetic?

There is no reason to be confused the coastal cowgirl aesthetic with country chic style. Because if the latter is mainly inspired by the West and the women of the time, the new trend focuses on contamination and toextreme simplicity: here are the reasons for the incredible success.

We could say that country chic meets holiday outfits (“from the shore,” precisely), or at any rate i essentials for the summer. Fresh, light, easy but glam.

Coastal Cowgirl
Denim shirt with shorts and Texans

… So how to dress?

So there are no strict rules. You don’t need to make special purchases, with a few exceptions. Basically, we already have everything we need in the wardrobe. The skill lies in the couples. THE western pieces – let’s define them like this – they don’t have to prevail, one is enough. Maybe two if we like. What is fundamental, however, is that it is high the degree of adaptation.

But yes, i must have they exist in this case as well. And there he was voice of the people to select them: online searches for Texas boots, cowboy hats, belt buckles. The denim shorts and skirts and black and white tank topsin monochrome, they deserve to be included in the check.

Coastal Cowgirl
Mini dress with fringes and Texans with a classic trench coat

And then go for it white dresses and floral patterns, made of cotton or linen, with a boho feel. in the t-shirts and a cropped topin the thin cardigans (far or not), at full or pleated skirtsin the shirts. In the corsets, among the undisputed protagonists of the moment. In the Jeans, Of course. Better if with a low waist and wide leg. If the air is fresh, go with it leather jacketTHE denim jacket or the trench. The end result should be a sleek and cool look, but relaxed.

Coastal Cowgirl
Total look with Coastal Cowgirl aesthetics

Here is ours gallery: a wave of beachy cowgirl vibes!


Two-tone cowboy boots (ZARA)


Denim shorts (GUESS)


Crop top (H&M)


Straw Cowboy Hat (REPLAY)


Muslin and lace dress (TWINSET)


Cotton dress with tropical print (PINKO)

Miss Sixty

Denim skirt (MISS SIXTY)

Victoria’s Secret

Corset with floral embroidery (VICTORIA’S SECRET)


Leather belt with turquoise (ORCIANI)

Miu Miu

Chambray shirt (MIU MIU)



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