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eateminism And environmentalism are two distant battles? No way. Today I will explain why the climate problem, despite being very democratic, tends to affect some more than others. Among them are women

When it comes to climate changese.g. when it comes to gender, it’s easy to see the usual faces of people who roll their eyes in opposition. “The usual feminists who want to sneak into any topic just to be the center of attention,” some think.

However, this is only one of a thousand cultural legacies that die hard.

In fact, we don’t necessarily need to give a definition when talking about the environment or inequalities, since the numbers and facts speak for themselves.

Climate change: what the new United Nations report says


Climate change: what the new United Nations report says

Speaking of scientific facts, it’s just that IPCC reportthe Intergovernmental Panel on Climate and London School of Economics telling us that natural disasters affect women and children four times more likely than men.

But why are women more exposed than men? There are several reasons, but 4 of them are the focus of all others:

  • Women make up the majority of the world’s poor population
  • They have less access than men to economic resources, political structures, education and all those tools that would make them stronger and more able to adapt
  • In many countries there are still many social and political obstacles that do not make the situation easier

In Asia and Africa very often It is women who procure wood, water and natural resources. Deforestation, drought, land degradation and other problems are forcing them to travel further and further from their homes, which in most cases are already very far. According to a recent United Nations report, 230 million people, mostly women, travel more than 30 minutes to collect water from sources far from home.

Therefore, the climate emergency does not fall equally on everyone’s shoulders

We are dealing with a problem that is too often underestimated and is closely related to that of violence against women. It is no coincidence that, according to the United Nations report “Tackling violence against women and girls in the context of climate change”, these are precisely the two main global emergencies. But that’s another story‚Ķ

For our part, today we discovered one more reason why we must do everything to slow down and mitigate the effects of the climate crisis!

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