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Are you a color charging person? In the sense that when you’re down, a vitamin look is enough to energize you, while the “greys” depress you? Well, that means you are color sensitive, the most beautiful form of energy there is. But starting today you will be able to choose your wellness color with greater awareness, thanks to our color coach, an expert therapist color therapy which here also explains how to get to know each other better.

“Each of us is a mixture 7 colorful vibrations: the ruler guides the personality, tastes, emotions, level of vitality and even the way of experiencing love and sex. But there are other energies within us, to varying degrees, and depending on the moments of life,” he explains. Iliana Manfredicolor coach and president of Ailight, an exclusive project by energy medicine that incorporates color and sound for well-being.

The rainbow of chakras

The method is now widespread Internationalwas born from the Swedish therapist’s twenty-year research Inger Naessand perfects the ancient theory of chakras, according to which each energy center corresponds to a color vibration that affects body and in the mind. Read on, find out which one is yours color identification and also what you can do if you lack that particular action. In addition, on the Ailight website you will find a selection of color therapy certified products.

If you like red

Know that it is the color of the first chakra, associated with values materials and in activity. In fact, you have physical endurance and great strength I will. You love sports, you are passionate and, in bed, you are not savings. You are a person of one piece, concrete and extrovert. But be careful, you can give in to aggression.

  • Select ifYou feel weak and you feel a sense of weakness. Prepare a color elixir: place a red glass jug filled with natural water in the sun for 3 hours. Drink 2 glasses a day.

If you like orange

You are very human creativewith a great capacity for ideation: you get a thousand ideas but usually your own worry It prevents you from completing them. It corresponds to the second chakra: it is the center of social life and sensuality. Weaknesses: You can be lazy.

  • Select ifYour senses do they turn off and you miss itappetite. Set the table with one tablecloth orange, or with dishes And Glasses of this color. Eat oranges, pumpkin, carrots.

If you like yellow

This color, which corresponds to the body solar grid, is the energy center of the ego. Yellow people have brains acute, which rejects overly emotional or unrealistic behaviors. In addition, they are very attentive to personal power, in social relations they tend to be hypercritical and very confident.

  • Select if

    Your memory fails you, you have a confused mind and little confidence. Wear glasses with yellow lenses: they will help you develop attention, even while driving.

If you like green

Represents his point balance between body and soul. You are calm, orderly and conscientious, you love peace, nature, romantic situations. But you’re getting over the point Emotionalyou may suffer from anxieties and grudges that poison your natural generosity.

  • Select if

    You are prey to stress and anxiety. Take a green bath. Pour a single-dose bottle of green into the bathtub (you can buy it in the Ailight online store) and soak for 20 minutes at most: the water will transmitpower in your body through the chakras.

If you like blue

Know that blue is the corresponding energy center neck, and is about the ability to express oneself in the right way. You are a competent person, you understand situations quickly and you always have the right solution. This depends on whether you have excellent communication properties. Weaknesses: You can be arrogant and lie when using your expressive skills to hurt others or make fun of them.

  • Choose if…Your voice has problems. To get blue energy, hold a handkerchief silk around the neck (excellent for aphonia).

If you like indigo

You are a person who looks far ahead, with great powers instinctive. Indigo is your “inner magician”, a subtle energy. The corresponding chakra is the third eye between the eyebrows. Idealist, spiritual, aware of oneness with all living beings. Weak points: moles dreams you risk losing touch with reality, leaving room for shyness and depression by closing yourself off.

  • Select ifYou are afraid of everything change because you don’t trust your intuition. To unblock old and stagnant situations calm down 10 minutes a day with an indigo silk pillow over your eyes.

If you like purple

The energy of this color inspires you to go further, charisma And spiritual strength able to attract others. Purple corresponds to the body with the seventh chakra, at the top of the head, and is the color more mystical. However, if you don’t use your energy well you can become arrogant and intolerant.

  • Select ifYou have the ideas upset and you don’t understand which way to take in life. Put one on curtain purple in your favorite room or buy one from amethyst and keep it on your bedside table.

Seven tips for the week

Monday is blue: It is the day you start, when you find it difficult to work. This color helps you to plan and gives you an overview of the week. Organize now your agenda.

Tuesday is yellow: start implementing what you thought on Monday. Yellow gives you the clarity mental essential. Set commitments and clear the desk.

Wednesday is green: the color of empathy helps you find theharmony with the others. Use it to make a kind gesture. Call a loved one to reconnect.

Thursday is indigo: pay attention to stress. With closed eyes, imagine the sky: the first stars are the ideas that arrive.

Friday is red: pretending! Roll it all up Before of the weekend. To motivate yourself, do somephysical activity: we recommend running.

Saturday is orange: it’s his day Pleasure. No housework: enjoy life. Yes to an aperitif with your best friends.

Sunday is purple: it’s his day Irene. leave itimagination and, with the help of books or the internet, plan a trip.

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