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THEn steel, silver, with zircon or natural stones. With charms or hearts. Choose with us the bracelet to enrich your collection or make a fashion gift!

Raise your hand if you’ve never been hunting bracelets to buy online! It’s true that we all do it more or less often. The Internet allows us to choose between infinite models and numerous brands, without rushing. Conveniently. And it is also possible to make a ranking of our preferences and think calmly before proceeding with purchases. By the way: you have already checked for its arrival beautiful season? Sleeves are getting shorter, fabrics are becoming lighter and bracelets – like all other jewelery – are going away foreground.

His tendencies spring 2023? They win brilliant suggestionsThe stonesThe color combinations. Silver and steel. But they are also very strong pearl bracelets, you probably already know this. THE hearts they do not lose value and the same applies to materials such as leather, eco and rubber. Check out what we found online, what do you think?

Steel and onyx bracelet

Did you know that onyx Is it considered a “defensive stone”? It is said to protect against negative energies, improve energy balance and benefit the spirit. Black, with these light ridges, is also very attractive from an aesthetic point of view. There combination with steel enhances its beauty and finesse. What else?

Leather bracelet

In its simplicity, the leather bracelet remains an evergreen. Unisex accessoriesgives an impressive country touch in clothes. And it’s also a great gift idea. Choose a model that can be wrapped around the wrist several times, it’s cooler! Adjustable is even better.

Natural stone bracelet

… We were talking about beneficial effects: the so-called chakra bracelets, made of natural stones, are very popular. And regardless of their powers, in which one can believe or not, undoubtedly arrest. They have a somewhat exotic look, but at the same time casual. And they never go out of fashion.

Bracelet with bullets

Minimalist yet impactful: the bracelet with bullets it’s always the right purchase, even when it’s a gift. It goes with every outfit, from the most casual to the most elegant, and never gets tired. The models in stainless steel they last practically forever. They deserve a place among the bracelets to buy online, we have no doubt!

Tennis bracelet

In the tennis bracelets it deserves the title of bestseller. Luxurious versions include the use of gold and diamonds, but it’s easy to find more affordable and equally glam versions. The combination rose silver and zirconia it seduces us without reservation.

Heart bracelet

But how romantic they are bracelets with hearts? Romantic and also modern. The unshakeable symbol generally coincides with the closure or a charm; if you’re undecided, know that you can have both: there are ad hoc sets online. Also in silver.

Bracelet with pearls

Pearls are among the fashion trends of this spring 2023. This means that the pearl bracelet it is a must for true fashionistas. But why limit yourself to just one? We focus on sets that allow us to raise the level of creativity and are accompanied by tasty treats ribbons to tie the different bracelets together. Wow!

Silver hand kiss

Sophisticated and bohemian, the kiss hand it never sets. Indeed, he returns to the stage more seductive than ever. Thanks to the unique design, but also to the centuries-old story it tells eastern worlds, influential women but also courtships and romantic relationships. The summer of 2022 caused a sensation and the same success is expected for 2023.

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