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TOexciting but very easy: it’s Blokecore. So why not raise the bar with the Blokette aesthetic? The Coquette trend comes into play… and it’s really fun!

There Blokette trend it is among the latest innovations – fashion wise – in the universe Tik Tok. Remaining indifferent is difficult, if not impossible. But let’s say it right away: this is an aesthetic that divides souls. Clearly. You either love it, or you hate it. Let’s say this right away many fashionistas already love it unconditionally and became teachers. Let’s think Bella Hadid, Rihanna, Ruby Lyn, Chiara Ferragni, Julia Fox.

But what does Blokette mean? This is a “fruit salad word” coined by the podcast Nymph Alumniwhich suggests the merging of two other well-known trends: Blokecore and Coquette.

Zip-Up Sweatshirt + Jacket + Sequin Skirt + Crew Neck Sports Socks

What is the Blokette aesthetic?

Let’s proceed in order. Coquette is a French term: equivalent to flirtatiousto, perfunctory. But we shouldn’t jump to conclusions, because in reality Coquette girls are not Coquette girls and they don’t even like the shameless “challenge”. Their style, probably, is extremely girly. Feminine but also romantic and sophisticated. Made of pleated mini skirts, sequined clothes, lace and lace. But also silk slipdresses, pencil skirts, charming see-through lace stockings and Mary Janes. In short, Coquettish girls love to enhance their physique and play with fashion, alternating I put retro and/or sober with an impressive look. Depending on the mood of the moment.

Blokecore, on the other hand, is a trend that “exploded” in the summer of 2023, which finds inspiration in the subcultures of British football. The soccer jersey (ie the soccer jersey) is the undisputed star of this aesthetic, but in the name of customization other items can enter the field. For example, the basketball jersey. Importantly, the reference to athletic endeavors is strong. And that the whole look is sporty/casual. Then it was completed with jeans or shorts, joggers and so on. Here you are, Blokette is the fusion of these two radically opposite worlds. Absolute contrast is its essence.

Football jersey + skirt with lace

Dressing Blokette

… Thus, the two aesthetics Blokecore and Coquette merge, experimenting with combinations that can be daring but undeniably cool. You just need to know how to do it. This is why minds are divided: those who do not fully understand the peculiarities of this style tend to think that they are random, confusing and even miserable combinations. But no. Because every detail is studied down to the smallest detail.

And there is another key element: the retro touchwhich takes you back to the 1990s and 2000s. So among the must haves we find the iconic Acetate sweatshirt with zipper and sneakers, such as Adidas Samba the Vans Old School. To avoid mistakes, it is good and proper to identify a common thread. What could the color be, first of all. Another recommendation: let’s not overdo the layering, in general with the number of items that make up the outfit.

Beseball tonic + shorts + jewelry

How to start

If you have to “get,” go step by step. First of all, you should know the quintessential Blokette look It consists of a pleated mini or midi skirt and a football shirt or sports sweatshirt. But you can also start with very small details.

Rugby style shirt + pleated mini skirt and Mary Jane

For example, replacing the laces of the sneakers with ribbons, combining pumps with sports socks. You’re looking for an outfit that isn’t obviously team-inspired but is still sporty. And combining it with one piece as a perfect Coquette. Just a few days, and you will have complete control over the situation. From there the real fun begins!


AC Milan Women’s Away Shirt 23/24 (PUMA)


Mini skirt with low waist jeans (MAJE)


Round Toe Patent Mary Jane (MANGO)


Sweatshirt with zipper and side bands (ADIDAS)


Midi skirt with sequins (H&M)


Satin Ballerina Shoes (MIU MIU)


Round Chain Crossbody Bag (PREVIEW)


High Neck Zip Up Sweater (UNDER Armour)


Asymmetric pleated skirt (GUESS)


Nude nappa pumps (ALVIERO MARTINI)



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