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MArgot Robbie wears them on the set of the blockbuster movie, in two different scenes. And that was enough to raise the fever: everyone wants the Arizona model!

THE Birkenstock sandals they certainly don’t need any kind of introduction or sponsorship. Minimalistic and essential, they have long been considered iconic. Also thanks to the success they enjoy among celebrities and the performances they sign some of the most famous luxury brands in the world, including Valentino, Dior and Manolo Blahnik. But what if we told you for a few days Online searches increased by 110%? The data comes from the Lyst platform and confirms what was already before our eyes. Indeed, at our feet. Two words to combine: Barbie + Birkenstocks.

This new, incredible success is in fact closely linked to the film dedicated to the legendary doll (in Italian cinemas from July 20). The protagonist, that is Margot Robbie wears Birkenstocks in two scenes in the film. And that was enough to make the rise fever.

The cult scene

There scene of worship is now known even to those who have yet to see the film: his presence Weird Barbie (Excellently played by Kate McKinnon), Stereotype Barbie he finds himself choosing whether to stay inside Barbielandwithout however solving her problems get into the real world and deal with it. This is how she treats herself.

The choice in question is symbolized by two distinctly different shoes: a pair pink pumps with vertiginous heels and a pair brown Birkenstock Arizona sandals. This is the most widespread model in the world. the one with a cork sole, double tape and metal buckles.

Chiara is the inspiration for this scene Matrixthat passed into the story, in which Neo must choose between the red pill and the blue pill.

The pink version

… And then there’s another scene, but we won’t go into details to avoid spoilers, in which Barbie wears Birkenstocks again. And this time it’s a model in perfect Barbiecore style: powder pink, in suede. Now these sandals are recognized as Barbie Birkenstock Arizona, much more than the brown ones. And the sales are constantly increasing, hour by hour.

Where will you find the pink Birkenstocks that Barbie wears? Here is:

Barbie decides to put her heels aside, even if at first it’s a trauma in every way. Decide to knowing an imperfect world, but alive and more authentic. She discovers that you can be glam even with flats and a simple outfit. And that, all things considered, there can be a more interesting place than this Barbieland. Seeing things like this makes the iconic German sandals almost… revolutionary!

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