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Today only 6% of the world’s population lives in close contact with nature: an alienation that causes discomfort on a physical and psychological level. Marcella Danonecopsychologist and author of the book Chlorophylls (Urra Feltrinelli), explains that to treat this “vitamin N deficiency”: “Urban parks and gardens can also work, even contact with plants and domestic animals. In fact, we have nature within usit’s written in our genes, it’s our ancestry.”

Here are 5 good reasons to reconnect with nature.

You move away from stress “Spending at least half an hour in a natural environment regulates heart rate, breathing and blood pressure, causing a feeling of relaxation and well-being,” reports Marcella Danon.

Unleash your potential “Entering nature with care and respect activates an inner process of greater connection with oneself. Emotions find a spontaneous outlet, the mind clears, intuition awakens and decisions become simpler.”

Strengthen relationships “Going out with other people helps you get to know each other better because it involves experimenting in situations outside of the ordinary, perhaps communicating in silence, with gestures and looks,” explains the expert.

Expand your vision of life “In nature, attention is no longer selective but widespread, open to stimuli coming from different directions. There is an involvement of both the cognitive dimension, with attention to what is, and the imaginative, focused on what could be. And stress he benefits from it,” continues the psychologist.

You accept change better “Nature teaches that, In life, change is the norm. Following it brings you back to an organic rather than a mechanical rhythm and makes it easier to accept new things and unexpected events,” concludes the author of Chlorophyllates.

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